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«Raising Sabre Art» was a magecraft Song Shuhang learnt during an Entering Dream session with a youngster novice Su Xian.

This is a magecraft common in the top Way of the Sabre disciples of the Heavenly River's Su Clan.

Original Version

Strengthening the relationship between the magecraft user and the magical item, and nourishes the magical item with the user’s own spirit power bit by bit.[1]

The original version able to transform into a sabre.

Song Shuhang’s Version

Due to Song Shuhang’s abnormally high affinity to anything related to sabre, this magecraft evolved into an unprecedented level. «Raising Sabre Art» was considered as one of Shuhang’s three top evil arts.

Song Shuhang’s version of was considered as soulless because he skipped the process.[1]


For unknown reason, even Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler was unable to perfectly copies this magecraft effect to Shuhang’s level, despite using the Ruler of the Nine Serenities’ jurisdiction.

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