Reincarnation Blade was the Way Item of the Fifth Heavenly Way. She is unique among the Way Items since she was originally a human before becoming a Way Item.

Reincarnation Blade will reside in the Reincarnation Palace, located in the Ancestral Star, Ghost Realm.[1] 


Meeting Song Shuhang

At first, Reincarnation Blade misheard Song Shuhang’s name as Su Hang, thus making him a disciple of the Heavenly River’s Su Clan.[2]

Battle of Heavenly Way Dimension

As a Way Item, Reincarnation Blade was able to enter the Heavenly Way Dimension just like the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre.

During the battle against Heavenly Way Marks in the Heavenly Way Dimension, Reincarnation Blade took the opportunity to ask Song Shuhang why did he calls the Third Heavenly Way as ‘Dog Egg Dad’ despite the Heavenly Way obviously a dragon.[3]

Reincarnation Blade also thought Song Shuhang as someone who has lots of handy secret arts, much to Song Shuhang’s embarrassment.[1]


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