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It was cancelled from the root by the ‘Current Heaven’. As such, the grand array no longer able to resurrect Ruism Holy Man, despite Song Shuhang’s proposal to use the Eye of the Holy Man and the Holy Blood.[1]

Moreover, it was due to this that Ancient Heavenly Court’s members and Emperor Venerate’s former subordinates had their eye set on the grand array. They planned to use the array to resurrect Heavenly Emperor or Emperor Venerate.[1]

After the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, the Grand Resurrection Array fell into the hands of Wide Courtyard Society. This array was hidden in the society’s secret base in the Beast Realm.

Grand Resurrection Array Space

There was a backdoor especially prepared for Skylark by Ruism Holy Man.[2][3]

Bald Tribulation Immortal.

Attack of the Emperor Venerate’s Subordinates

Eternal Life Being Daozi released the information about the existence of the grand array to Eternal Life Being Cheng Lin. Then, at the behest of Daozi, Cheng Lin leaked the information of the grand array to the Emperor Venerate’s former subordinates. Moreover, the attack was guided by her in secret.[2]

Venerable Blue Wave ver. Mad Sabre Three Waves


In order to facilitate Emperor Venerate’s resurrection, Fake Fairy Yuanyuan infiltrated the Grand Resurrection Array Space by parasiting on Venerable Blue Wave (Mad Sabre Three Waves).[1]

She took the chance to throw a magical item containing Emperor Venerate’s data into the pitch-black lake. The magical item also specially modified to deal with Heavenly Emperor’s data.[4]

  1. Wenzi
  2. Yanzi
  3. Chizi
  4. Yuanzi

However, due to so many years have passes, and the resurrection array has been tampered so many times by the Wide Courtyard Society and Emperor Venerate’s subordinates, the resurrection of the four Tribulation Immortals was flawed.[5]

If the grand array was activated immediately after the four of them fallen, and coupled with the methods prepared by Ruism Holy Man, the resurrection would be ‘perfect’.[5]


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