«Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» was a sabre escape technique created by Heavenly River’s Su Clan Seven. Due to this, this technique can be taught to people outside the Heavenly River’s Su Clan.[1][2]


In the eyes of a tyrant king, there is only one path – forward

«Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» was divided into two steps. The first step was the usual light of sabre escape, while the second step had an explosive nature.[2]

It was only with the second step that the «Tyrant King» mode was achieved. However, once deployed, one would charge forward violently with great lethality… The only drawback was that one would be unable to turn due to the explosive nature of this method, which was why Seven named it as ‘tyrant king’. But, even if one was unable to turn, its crazy speed made up for its drawback. Unless your speed surpassed Song Shuhang’s by several times, you could only watch as you were run over once the «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» state was active.[2]

Besides its collision power, the «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King»’s great speed made it a great escape technique. As long as you were able to grasp an opportunity, you would be able to leave the battlefield at explosive speed.[2]



Seven was the creator of the «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King».


Sixteen was taught the «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» by Seven.[1]

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang was taught the «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» by Sixteen at the order of Seven.[1][2]

Previously, due to Song Shuhang giving Heavenly River’s Su Clan Seven sixteen Dragon Bone Withered Vines to cure Sixteen, he owed Song Shuhang a big favour.[3]

At the beginning, Seven said that he was planning on giving him an opportunity to cultivate in the first level of the Heavenly River Secret Realm to repay the favour.[3][4] However, he didn’t expect that Song Shuhang would advance so quickly, with his realm skyrocketing. Hence, cultivating in the first level of the Heavenly River Secret Realm was meaningless to the current Song Shuhang.[1]

After Seven gave it some thought, knowing that Song Shuhang was soon ascending to the Fourth Stage, he decided to choose his self-created art of flying sabre riding together with materials for Song Shuhang’s living item magical treasure as the remuneration for what he owed.[1]


  1. Tyrant-King (霸王; Bà Wáng) was the title of Xiang Yu. 霸王 also alternately translated as ‘Hegemon-King’, ‘Overlord’ or ‘Conqueror’.
  2. in HTL, 霸王 was translated as ‘tyrannical’ instead. 

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