Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign was one among many cultivators who went after the Soul Devouring Monster Gourd around moon.


Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign was a man with scarlet hair and scarlet beard. The robe he was wearing was also scarlet, just like the hacking blade he was holding in his hands. He was scarlet all over his body.[1]

Vying for Soul Devouring Monster Gourd

Soul Devouring Monster Gourd

Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign didn’t recognised who Seventh Path is and refused to give him any face.[2]

As a compensation, Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign gave the manuals of the «Towing Sabre Art» and «Flame Body Substitution Technique» to Spirit Venerable Seventh Path.[3]

Ninth Heavenly Way

When Tyrant Song and White were announcing that they successfully proving the Way as the Ninth Heavenly Way, Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign started to reminisce with his friend.

Scarlet-Haired Spirit Sovereign told his friend that several months ago, while tracking the Soul Devouring Monster Gourd, he has encountered Tyrant Song.[4]


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