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Scarlet Pupil is the younger sibling of Black Pupil XIII, the most talented younger generation members of the Dragon Blood Clan. Despite being a hybrid, normally exalted as geniuses in the Black Dragon World, Scarlet Pupil’s talent was trash.[2]



Death & Reborn

Fairy Good Fortune’s personality B killed Scarlet Pupil.[1] Before she could revive him, Scarlet Pupil return to life on his own.


Black Pupil XII

Black Pupil XII is Scarlet Pupil’s father. He is disappointed in his child’s lack of talent, but tries not to show it and support him.

Black Pupil XIII

Black Pupil XIII is Scarlet Pupil’s elder brother. Scarlet Pupil looks up to him and was instructed by him. Scarlet Pupil wants to be as strong as him and is why Scarlet Pupil wields a spear.

Song Shuhang

Tyrant Dragon finds Scarlet Pupil training as he was searching for the home of Black Pupil XIII, hoping to find inspiration to breakthrough. The karma between them compels him to start training Scarlet Pupil. He passes on the 《Steel Hands》 technique and gets White’s doppelganger to make a training tattoo for Scarlet Pupil. Tyrant Dragon leaves a inheritance for him for when he is stronger.


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