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A traffic police[1]

Scholar Contribute Society is a top arrays master cultivator old senior in the Nine Provinces (1) Group. He has strong karma with bombs.


Despite his Dao Name ‘Contribute Society’ giving an old man feel, while the title ‘scholar’ suggesting the aura of an intellectual.

Contrary, Scholar Contribute Society is actually a 190 cm tall man with a natural red face and full of bulging muscles.[2]


Arrays-Formations Master

In the Nine Provinces (1) Group, Scholar Contribute Society could easily rank amongst the first five when it came to ‘arrays’. He was a true expert in this field.[3]

Fifth Promotes Sixth Heavenly Tribulation

Approximately two hundred years ago, Contribute Society secretly found an uninhabited place for his closed-door cultivation. When he had been in closed-door cultivation for over a hundred years…… right when he was having a great time in closed-door cultivation, there was suddenly something called an atomic bomb which fell right on top of where he was going through closed-door cultivation.[4]

If it wasn’t because Contribute Society was so powerful, along with the defensive arrays he had set up for his closed-door cultivation which numbered over a hundred, perhaps he would’ve been fried to death then. Furthermore, even though he preserved his life, Contribute Society had to rest for ten years to gradually recover.[4]

Dragon Demon Medicine

Scholar Contribute Society was contracted by Song Shuhang of a dragon demon hunting the young cultivator. He made a pact with Song Shuhang, in which Shuhang will be the bait for a trap organized by the scholar and his friends. In return, the scholar will give Shuhang a portion of the Dragon Demon Medicine.[5] Scholar Contribute Society needs the medicine to refine his body equal in level to his cultivation stage to survive his next heavenly tribulation.

With the help of Medicine Master, he successfully manufactures 40 doses of the Dragon Demon Medicine from the body of Long Qianjun. Despite their initial agreement, he gave half of the Dragon Demon Medicine quantity to Shuhang since the original agreement was for the scholar to ‘capture’ the demon dragon, but now the demon dragon was given to him by Shuhang.[6][7]

Sixth Promotes Seventh Heavenly Tribulation

Around the time Fourth Stage Inborn Song Shuhang had his battle with Eighth Stage Manstein. Scholar Contribute Society transcended his Sixth Promotes Seventh Heavenly Tribulation for seven days and seven nights. The tribulation suddenly changed in the middle to become the modernized Heavenly Tribulation. The Thunder Tribulation, Fire Tribulation and Metal Tribulation changed into F-22 fighter air crafts and started to carpet bombing him.[8][9]

For the final wave, he was shifted to the Heavenly Tribulation World. His several hundred layers of barrier were destroyed in just for a thousandth of a second time from the blast of Heavenly Tribulation nuclear bomb. Suddenly, as his life was hanging by a thread, he was scanned by an indescribable will and kicked out of the Heavenly Tribulation World, thus saving his life.[10]

Despite he survived the Heavenly Tribulation World, he suffered severe injuries. He estimated his injuries will take at least a year to heal. Due to this state, he changed his chat name to Scholar Contribute Society is Severely Injured and About to Die.

Tyrant Song's Demonic Tribulation


Song Shuhang


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