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Scholar Drunk Moon was a senior member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group. Because of his strange cultivation technique, his sense of presence become very weak, to the point that very few people can even remember his Dao Name properly.

As his cultivations promoted to higher stage, it becoming harder for everyone to even notice him. The scholar usually resorted to flooding the chat group for a small chance someone to notice him.

Name & Aliases

When the Moon Appears

Scholar Drunken Moon

Scholar Drunken ? Series

醉(?)居士 (Zuì (?) Jūshì)

  • 醉星居士 (Zuì Xīng Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Star[1][2]
  • 醉龟居士 (Zuì Guī Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Turtle[1]
  • 醉王居士 (Zuì Wáng Jūshì) Scholar Drunken King[1][3]
  • 醉八居士 (Zuì Bā Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Eight[1][3]
  • 醉日居士 (Zuì Rì Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Sun[1][4]
  • 醉鬼居士 (Zuì Guǐ Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Ghost[1]
  • 醉虾居士 (Zuì Xiā Jūshì) Scholar Drunken Shrimp[5]

Scholar Drunken -Yue- Series


  • 醉阅居士; Scholar Drunken Read.[6] Translated as Scholar Drunken Loon by Godbrandy.
  • 醉越居士; Scholar Drunken Exceed.[6][5] Translated as Scholar Drunken Soon by Godbrandy.
  • 醉哾居士; Scholar Drunken Speak.[6] Translated as Scholar Drunken Noon by Godbrandy.
  • 醉约居士; Scholar Drunken Appointment.[6] Translated as Scholar Drunken Coon by Godbrandy.
  • 醉岳居士; Scholar Drunken Mountain.[6][5] Translated as Scholar Drunken Boon in Chapter 685 and Scholar Drunken Moone in Chapter 892 by Godbrandy.
  • 醉跃居士; Scholar Drunken Jump.[6]
  • 醉悦居士; Scholar Drunken Pleased.[6]
  • 醉粤居士; Scholar Drunken Cantonese.[6]
  • 醉玥居士 ()
  • 醉曰居士 ()
  • 醉乐居士 ()

Scholar Zui Yue Series

This series was based on ‘Zuì Yuè’ homonyms, and sometimes was evolved from the 醉yue居士 series

  • 最阅居士 ()
  • 最越居士 ()


This series was based on the 醉月居士 (Zuì Yuè Jūshì) acronyms:

  • 最越剑士

Moon Radical Series

月 () or 

  • 醉脂居士= 月+旨
  • 鱼肪居士= ⺼+方
  • 醉肪居士= ⺼+方
  • 鱼胆居士= ⺼+旦

Dharma-Ending Battle

Just like the rest of the Nine Provinces (1) Group members, he participated in the «Dharma-Ending Battle» movie, acting as the enemies’ commander-in-chief. Despite his prominent role, he only got around ten seconds of screen time.

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Secret Realm of the Scholars

Cultivation Chat Group


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