Seal of the Tyrant Realm is the Seal of Realm Lord (界主之印; Jiè Zhǔ zhī Yìn) for the Tyrant Realm. It represents the legitimacy and the jurisdiction of the Lord of Tyrant Realm.[1]

Seal of the Tyrant Realm was swallowed by Ancient God sometime at the end of the Second Heavenly Way’s era and remained in Ancient God’s for around 1 × 10¹⁶ years, until the end of the Eighth Heavenly Way’s era, or better known as the Collapse of the Heavenly Way.

Exchanging Ownership

After a brief yet violent battle between Song Shuhang and Ancient God, where the former successively unleashed the powerful «Eye of Locking Immortal» and «Eye of Meltdown», and finally enticed the latter with irresistible imperishable principle, the Seal was spitted out by Ancient God.

Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation

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On 17th January 2020, during the Tribulation of A Thousand Days, Song Shuhang used the Seal of the Tyrant Realm to activate a privilege of a Realm Lord. From the remaining 410 – 420 days, the remaining tribulation duration was shortened into just 80 days.[2][3]


By obtaining this Seal of Realm Lord, Song Shuhang was the youngest ever Realm Lord, and the one and only non-Eternal Life Being Realm Lord in the history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

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