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Similarly like his predecessor the First Heavenly Way, the second generation Heavenly Way’s name was erased.[1]

‘Eye-con’ and ‘Eye Freak’ are the nicknames for the Second, due to its unique hobby to eyes.

Black Dragon World

Before he became a Heavenly Way, he has went to the Black Dragon World. And just like the First Heavenly Way, he went to the Black Dragon World’s counterpart, the Ancient Serenities and inserted his pillar there.[2]

Creation of the Nine Serenities

During the era of the First Heavenly Way, originally there was Demon Sea World. The Second Heavenly replaced the Demon Sea World with the Nine Serenities.

Detaching From the Heavenly Way

Before the Second detached from the Heavenly Way, he erased the traces of his own existence, copying the First Heavenly Way. However, he didn’t do it perfectly, and there are still some traces of him in secret places.[3]

Giant Eyeball Projection Shattering



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