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True Masters can be considered great experts among mortals. At this level one can control a shadow organization in the secular world and have some prestige there. Usually they are the younger generation of sects and clans and the strongest among loose practitioners that still lives among mortals.

In this stage one can use true qi. From this stage onward, one needs to pass through tribulation to get to the next stage.

Cultivation Speed

To be considered as a genius, a practitioner needs to be promoted to Second Stage True Master before the age of 10. Those who only used four to five years to breakthrough to this stage from Hundred Days of Foundation Building are considered to have a limitless future.[2]

Those who used only several months to breakthrough to this stage from Hundred Days of Foundation Building are legendary geniuses with monstrous talent.[2]

All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ Record of the Fastest Cultivation Speed
Ranking Name Duration Notes References

Ruism’s Holy Man

15 days Started to cultivate at the age of 6 with the guidance Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable Skylark.[3] [3]

Ancient Heavenly Court’s Heavenly Emperor

20 days Started to cultivate at the age of 6 with the guidance of a specially assigned mentor by the Eighth Heavenly Way.
3 Song Shuhang 1½ months Started to cultivate at the age of 18 as a loose practitioner with the guidance of White.


This stage is divided into eight minor realms, one for each dantian opening. The dragon dantians corresponding to the minor realms of the Second Stage are as follows:[4]

  1. First Dantian Origin
  2. Second Dantian Dragon Tail
  3. Third Dantian Dragon Claw
  4. Fourth Dantian Dragon Foot
  5. Fifth Dantian Dragon Palm
  6. Sixth Dantian Dragon Neck
  7. Seventh Dantian Dragon Head
  8. Eighth Dantian Dragon Horn

Breaking Through

Time Taken To Break Through A Minor Realm Total Time Taken References
Genius 2.5 years 17.5 years
Normal 5 years 35 years
Slow 10 – 20 years 70 – 140 years

Whenever a practitioner of the True Master rank wanted to break through a small realm, they had to nourish and accumulate the true qi in their dantian. After the quantity of true qi in their dantian was enough, they would send it upward along with the practitioner’s backbone, opening the second dantian… the rest was analogous. From the Dragon Tail Dantian, the true qi would go upward until breaking through the third dantian and so on… until reaching the eighth dantian, the Dragon Horn Dantian.[5]

Under a normal circumstance, if a practitioner didn’t consume any medicines or obtain any fortuitous encounter, he will need ten to twenty years to gather enough qi to breakthrough a minor realm. However, using five years to open a dantian is considered as a normal speed.[5]

Second Dantian Dragon Tail

There are four checkpoints between a practitioner’s sea of qi dantian and Dragon Tail dantian, and each of them is more difficult to break through than the previous one.[6]

If a practitioner failed to break through the four checkpoints of the Dragon Tail Dantian at once, they could try to break through by stages.

After ten or so years of accumulation, they would break through one checkpoint. Then, after a few months passed to nourish the meridians, they could use the newly accumulated strength to break through another checkpoint.

One only needed time to open the four checkpoints… but the problem was precisely this waste of time. If one were to break through by stages, they would need around a year to do something they could otherwise do in an instant.[5]

The proper method to break through the four checkpoints is to divide the true qi into four parts, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% for each respective checkpoint. These quantities will be more than enough to break through the various checkpoints.[5]

At first, the practitioner needs to use 10% of his true qi to smash the first checkpoint. Immediately afterwards, he needs to gather 20% of true qi and smash it upwards and smash open the second checkpoint. [7]

After the second checkpoint was smashed open, the practitioner has a minute of break time. During this one minute interlude, if the practitioner feels the quantity of true qi isn’t enough, he can eat a medicinal pill to recover it. However, he only has a minute to do so.[5][7]

Continuing, the practitioner then needs to gather 30% of his true qi to smash the third checkpoint. For the final checkpoint, he must gather all the true qi he has left and launch the attack at the fourth checkpoint.[7]

Third Dantian Dragon Claw

Fourth Dantian Dragon Foot

Fifth Dantian Dragon Palm

Sixth Dantian Dragon Neck

Seventh Dantian Dragon Head

Eighth Dantian Dragon Horn

Once the eighth dantian was opened, with the first dantian as the starting point and the eighth dantian as the final point, all eight dantians would connect and form an enormous dragon made of true qi.[4]

During this period, when true qi was channelled into the eighth dantian, it would not return to the first dantian, because the Second Stage practitioner’s body could only accumulate this amount of true qi at most. The additional true qi would leak out of the eighth dantian, the transforming Dragon Horn, triggering changes in the external world, leading to the tribulation.[4]

Immortal Body

After a practitioner reaches the Second Stage, they can strengthen their body via certain means, refining it into an ‘immortal body’ (仙身;xiān shēn) that can have various attributes. According to the rumours, there are more than a dozen different immortal bodies. Likewise, demonic practitioners have their demon physique (魔体; mó tǐ), Buddhism practitioners their seed of buddhahood (佛种; fú zhǒng), Ruism has their Ru root (儒根; Rú gēn), and monster practitioners their monster bodies (妖躯; yāo qū). Moreover, they all yield different characteristics. However, it is hard to attain an immortal body. The consumption is very great and the failure rate is more than 90%.[8][9]


Second Stage True Master was the seventh cultivation level mentioned in the novel.[10]

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