Seven was a disciple of the famed Heavenly River’s Su Clan. He is tauted as the next leader of the clan. He love fighting and studying battles. He was a Fifth Stage cultivator who had been famous for a long time before Song Shuhang's rise.


A tall and big man.[1][2][3] He looks gentle and quiet on the outside, with terrifying saber intent on the inside.[4]

Seven has a height of 1.9 meters and with his battle aura, 2.8 meters.[5]


Seven had always been fond of comparing notes with others. Therefore, he was known as a battle maniac inside the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[6]

He has a bellicose personality and loves sabres. Seven has various "carry-on" sabres from combat to interrogation formations.

Su Clan’s Seven thought himself a rough guy who was not good at conspiracies or exchanging of words. Since he became a cultivator, he had been through a lot of conspiracies, and what he could rely on were only himself and the sabre on his hand![7]

Early Cultivation Days

Way of the Sabre

Su Clan's Digit Smelting Trial

Young Master Hai

Gongzi Hai. Su Clan’s Seven met him during one of his adventures in ancient ruins many years ago. Although he was only of Fourth Stage Realm at that time, his sword skill was quite sophisticated. He used to fight with Seven who was a big fan of exchanging pointers and earned his appreciation even though he lost the fight. He had accompanied Seven for nearly a year on that adventure, and had also seen him performing ‘Heavenly Sabre Burying the Starry Sea’ back then.

Search for the Cure

Nine Provinces (1) Group Chat

Seven is the second cultivator to respond to the group chat after Song Shuhang was added to the group. Based on Shuhang's chat name, Seven though he was a member of the scholarly sects. It has been a few hundred years since Seven last had a fight with them. Back then for Seven, fighting them is more pleasurable than dueling buddhist monks. Not only do they have a glib tongue, their punches are powerful too! When they are in the mood, they would also heroically start reciting poems to liven things up, making it multiple times more fun. Seven loved fighting with them the most.

Seven is noted as one of the usual chatters in the group, he only spoke about fighting whenever he opened his mouth.

Third Stage Battle King Sixteen's Partial Failed Tribulation

Seven stood guard for Sixteen's thunder tribulation to the Fourth Stage. It was held in a suburban district of shopping city H-City that neighbored Jiangnan District. After the tribulation, Seven posted on the group Sixteen's small failure and her beating up ordinary folks nearby out of anger.

Even when Su Clan’s Sixteen had Seven beside her, she had ultimately failed to overcome the tribulation and was greatly injured. If Seven was not present, her life and death would be uncertain.

Seven Radiance Wonder Fruit

A few days ago, when Gongzi Hai heard that Su Clan’s Seven was looking for medicine ‘to cure injuries caused by heavenly tribulation’, he recommended Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit of Immortal Farmer Sect to him and accompanied him to Immortal Farmer Sect.

Seven reports to the group Sixteen ran away from home and first time greets Song Shuhang on the group chat. He went out for a distant journey these days, searching for ways to treat Sixteen’s injuries. He even passed the Immortal Farmer Sect for their Seven Radiance Wonders Fruit. When he went back to Su Clan, he had ruthlessly bashed four bastard clan members.

Seven first meets Song Shuhang in person with Sixteen.

Unbounded Demon Sect Hunting

Due to emity from the Seven Brilliance Wonder Fruit incident, Seven acted to hunt down the Unbounded Demon Sect and its members. During one of his bounty hunting, Seven was messaged by Shuhang of a top sect member he and Senior White caught.

Dragon Bone Withered Vines

Su Clan’s Seven was a trendy man. Therefore, he too had changed his avatar. His current profile picture was :senior_white_sigh:.

16 Dragon Bone Withered Vine were acquired from Song Shuhang. Seven immediately sabre flew to Shuhang's location on an island in the East China Sea. As a reward for the vines, Seven initially promised to as soon as he return to the clan, Seven will look for several types of medicinal pills that are best suited to open the Nose, Ear, and Mouth Acupoints. He can guarantee that the quantity would be enough to let Shuhang open all his acupoints. Afterward, Shuhang would only have to jump through the dragon gate.

From what Seven remembered, Song Shuhang just opened his Eye Acupoint and should be trying to open his Nose Acupoint. Upon meeting him again, Seven instead promised to bring Song Shuhang, who was about to jump through the dragon gate, into the Heavenly River Secret Realm to train in the first layer. Seven was gift a ride back to the Heavenly River’s Su Clan by Senior White's disposable meteor sword 001 edition.

When Song Shuhang cultivation progressed to fast and the training in the first layer will no longer give much benefit, Seven exchanged the reward to an admission to the much anticipated Immortal Food Feast and learning Seven’s created «Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» and «Controlling Sabre – Moonlight» through Sixteen once Shuhang reaches Fourth Stage.

Nine Provinces (1) Tractor Race

Seven’s Impersonator, Three Waves Baboon ver.

Hunting Three Waves

Dharma-Ending Battle

Dharma-Ending Battle

Seven’s Tomb by Mad Sabre Three Waves

Seven directly brought a captured Three Waves to Medicine Master's place.

White Cloud Academy Scholars

Seven arrived at the Dharma-Ending Battle filming place to pick up Sixteen to have her practice arrays for her transcending tribulation by the end of the month August or so. Seven left her with Shuhang while he continued his "sharing tips" with fellow scholar cultivators of Ruism.

From the pond, Seven learned an unknown secret technique.

Battle of White Cloud Academy

Seven fought against Fifth Stage invading demons.

He traded with Senior White a request for White's rare Buddhist sarira beads treasure for Sixteen's transcending tribulation assist while Seven himself fetched for Senior White the waters from the Sea Snake Cold Spring in the lands of the extreme north, for Senior White's tea water.

Battle of Forbidden Purple Peak

Seven was the banker for the bet between who would win. He did not attend the battle event because he was preparing Sixteen for her transcending tribulation while fulfilling all his IOUs.

Forward, Sixth Stage True Monarch

Sixteen's Successful Break Through to Fourth Stage (1st Week September)

The Fake Mad Sabre Three Waves

Seven with Sixteen and Senior White went to Jiangnan University to deliver Sixteen in a limousine to the school as her first day as an Art Professor. There, Seven witnessed Song Shuhang's sudden death seeking moment as a fake Three Waves, Seven taking pleasure in having the baboon joke thrown back at its behind.

Seven later witnessed the smog incident induced by Nine Provinces (1) Group's Demon Monarch Pāramitā's female disciple at Jiangnan University. Seven left the mess to be cleared up by the infamous rumored Bestowal Madman. Seven then entered closed self meditation in the Su Clan headquarters to prepare breakthrough to Sixth Stage True Monarch.

The Profound Sage Song Shuhang - Modernized Mutated Heavenly Tribulation

While in closed cultivation period to breakthrough, Seven went on the Nine Provinces (1) Group chat after alerted of Song Shuhang's Profound Sage Sermon's beginning. Seven was surprised by Shuhang and co. appearing as the First Thousand Years Profound Sage. He was also struck by Senior White's appearance.

Because he was closed up, Seven did not have the chance to attend the Nine Provinces (1) Group's experiment with Senior White's captured Heavenly Tribulation artillery. Like all other cultivators transcending their tribulations, Seven's tribulation was unusually weakened then he was forced into an Inner Demon Tribulation. This transcending tribulation process fault experience indicated the declining of the Eigth Heavenly Way.

Ancestor Knot Eats Seven’s Inner Demon (in 1 week prior September 22, 2019)

Doudou’s Wedding

Doudou’s Wedding (September 23, 2019)

Battle of Revenge

Convergence of Big Shots

Forgotten Memories

Vanished Person (October 1, 2019[8])

Immortal Food Feast (1)

Principle Blindness

Immortal Food Fest (2)

Attack of the Celestials

Seven regretted the fact that he already became a Sixth Stage True Monarch so he was not targeted by the Celestials. He decided to have Fifth Stage cultivators to bait the Celestials out so he can hunt them down from the side, also to provide experience for the young ones.

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation (November 2019)

Seven received an Ancient Saint seal, parallel import Ancient Saint Seven.

Battle for Heavenly Astral

Using Song Shuhang's core world and special aura enhancement effects, Ancient Saint Seven and other available members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group made a grand entrance in the Battle for Heavenly Astral.

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Group Party and Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast

Seven and many Nine Provinces (1) Group members became drunk. Drunk Seven was contacted then by Su Kongyun, however, Song Shuhang took Seven's place to help the young Su Clan disciple complete his Second to Third Stage Heavenly Tribulation, with the captured Heavenly Tribulation ingredient as thanks.

Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast - Red-braised Heavenly Tribulation, vegetable dish

Heavenly River's Su Clan's Annual Meeting

Heavenly River's Su Clan (December 2019)

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration (January 1, 2020)

Seven wanted to sabre a certain baboon. He got drunk and went to sleep in Shuhang's Core World.

Alternative Timeline - No Senior White Meets Shuhang

Ninth Heavenly Ways and Transcendence

Ordinary Song Shuhang Timeline (Feb 4 - Mar 2020)

Alternative Timeline - Nine Provinces (1) Group Deaths

Skills & Abilities

Heavenly Sabre Buries the Sea of Stars

Seven’s strongest unique sabre art at Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign that even he could not control completely. His constant usage in front of Sixteen enabled the creation of her own derivative art: « Heavenly Sabre Buries the River of Stars ». This sabre art also became his trademark during his period as a Fifth Stage cultivator.

Sabre Escape – Tyrant King

In the eyes of the tyrant, there is only one path––forward

«Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» was Seven’s self-created sabre flying technique as a Fourth Stage Inborn. It was derived from the standard sabre flying technique.

Controlling Sabre – Moonlight

When you raise your head to look up, you will find that the moonlight has already fallen upon your body.

«Controlling Sabre – Moonlight» was one of Seven’s self-created sabre controlling technique as a Fourth Stage Inborn, derived from the standard Sabre Controlling Technique.

Raising Sabre Art

A Heavenly River's Su Clan's sabre art, part of Seven’s Way of the Sabre foundation since he was young.

Dragon Seal - Ancient Saint Seven

Unable to be affected by equal to lower than Eighth Stage level magecrafts.

Ninth Heavenly Way Rewards Ceremony

Transcendence Souvenir

  • Imperishable Granule: Implanted imperishable (auto-resurrect) quality granule derived from an alternative timeline future's washed white Jet-Black's pebbles.


Little Sixteen

The two have something of a brother-sister relationship, with Seventh being the annoying elder brother. She has the same bellicose personality as Su Clan’s Seventh. He sometimes teases her about her feelings toward Song Shuhang. Seventh is also happy for Sixteen's rapid cultivation growth since meeting Song Shuhang.

To obtain the 16 Dragon Bone Withered Vines necessary to cure Sixteen, Seventh would choose to face Venerable White's anger, maybe. He had to go even if he had to face mountains of swords and seas of flames.

She was temporarily forgotten by Seventh when she was thrown into a Heavenly Way’s small black room with Song Shuhang and Soft Feather.

North River

He is Seventh’s friend who also helped him raise Sixteen. Being a loose cultivator was really hard. North River’s Loose Cultivator was a lucky one among loose cultivators. He made friends with Su Clan’s Seven when he was young and got lots of help from him. As recommended by Seven, he got added into Nine Provinces (!) Group. In this group, he was like a fish in the water. Now, he had reached the peak of Fifth Stage by time Song Shuhang was invited.

Song Shuhang

A young novice cultivator acquainted through karmic relations with Sixteen and the.Nine Provinces (1) Group. Seven becomes one of Shuhang's friends, who remembers him as an ideal Fifth Stage and Sixth Stage cultivator of the Way of the Sabre.

Seven has been constantly surprised by Shuhang's rise in cultivation ranks by the month. He also respects Shuhang's abnormal talent in sabres, control of Senior White's situations and trusts Shuhang as a worthy dao companion to Sixteen. Seven even had Sixteen teach novice Fourth Stage Inborn Song Shuhang two of his created sabre magecrafts. Out of all the Nine Provinces (1) Group's death seekers, Shuhang is one of the few not hunted and beaten up by Seven. He even appreciated Shuhang's death seeking of disguising himself as Seven's hated baboon to the public.

Seven temporarily forgotten Shuhang when the young cultivator was thrown into a Heavenly Way’s small black room with Sixteen and Soft Feather. Seven later forgotten Shuhang again when Shuhang entered the small black room to dodge danger.

Seven was even happy when Shuhang agreed and later visited the Su Clan before their Su Clan's Annual Meeting, with happiness for Shuhang providing gifts through the Throne of Wealth Dispersal.

Seven sometimes pities Song Shuhang's official position in cultivators' society, until Shuhang and White become the Ninth Heavenly Way. As a result of both becoming Heaven Ways, and later Transcendences, Seven received helpful gifts as part of Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Mad Sabre Three Waves

An enemy and death seeker who antagonized Seven by proclaim in baboon form himself as Seven, earning Seven’s anger. Seven personally beaten Three Waves up and still got tricked at Medicine Master's place, Seven himself placed in Three Waves's homemade tomb-grave.

Ever since, Seven has been on a habitual war path to slash up Three Waves with his saber at multiple meetings.

Copper Trigram

An enemy and death seeker who antagonized Seven by disguising himself as Sixteen around the time Seven was about to prepare entering closed cultivation to breakthrough to Sixth Stage.


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