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«Severing the Three Corpses Secret Technique» was a technique that allows a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal to inspect their own self.[1]

Rather than allowing a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal to become a Weak – Eternal Life Being, this «Severing the Three Corpses Secret Technique» purpose was to allow the Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal to clearly recognised its own opportunity… and comprehend its own Way.[1]

If the severing was successfully completed while the practitioner was still an Eighth Stage Saint, there is a possibility that the said practitioner will advance to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal Realm without transcending the Ninth Stage Tribulation.[2]

Immemorial Era

During the Immemorial Era, each major school or sect have their own unique «Severing the Three Corpses».[3]

The Second Heavenly Way and the Third Heavenly Way didn’t use this «Severing the Three Corpses» because they already too strong to begin with. Both of them were Heaven’s Chosen who dominated their respective generation and already grasping their own Way of Eternal Life while just an Eighth Stage.[2]

Both their counterparts, Second Ruler and Third Ruler agreed that Song Shuhang also doesn’t need to use «Severing the Three Corpses». However, since Song Shuhang’s conditions seems to be perfect for «Severing the Three Corpses», the Third Ruler proposed that Shuhang try it.[2]


Three Corpses

  1. Evil Corpse
  2. Benevolent Corpse
  3. Self Corpse

Evil Corpse

Named himself Tyrant Evil, created using Hezhi Pillar and Song Shuhang's heart demon. He has a scholarly style with graceful movement, use esteemed self to refer to himself and can correctly say fairy @#%x 's name, this is the same style that Song Shuhang desperately wants for himself. Tyrant Evil also has a black navel to represent Song Shuhang's obsession's.

Tyrant Evil inherited the Tyrant God Pillar technique and the Sword-shaped Saber intent from Song Shuhang. He can also freely change his form back to Song Shuhang's heart demon form.

Benevolent Corpse

Named himself Tyrant Benevolent, created from

Self Corpse

Reviewing the Life

Even in a fast forward mode, normally Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortals needs several months to review their life experiences. However, since Song Shuhang was just 18 years old, with less than 1 year of cultivation experience, he only needs less than 10 minutes to review his life experiences.[1]


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