Shadow Thane is a mysterious being from the Shadow Realm.


Battle of Ruism

Although the thane didn’t actively participated in the battle, he lend to Song Shuhang his prized artifact, the Shadow Holy Land. The artifact allowed Shuhang to fight against an Eternal Life Being and a doppelgänger of the Eighth Ruler of the Nine Serenities, by activating and absorbing the obsessions of the Lord of Unextinguished and the Holy Man respectively.

The thane also protected Ruism from a direct attack launched by the doppelgänger of the Eighth Ruler of the Nine Serenities.


[Anything Can Sell]

Shadow Thane is a super client of [Anything Can Sell]. Thousands of years ago, he engaged [Anything Can Sell] to procure for him the Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast.

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang was introduced to the thane by [Anything Can Sell] as the immortal chef that can prepare the Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast.


Dish Payment


1 Red-roast Heavenly Tribulation Spring Pavilion of the East fragments × 3 This dish is almost similar with the original version.
2 Heart Demon Sashimi Slice Shadow Holy Land


Although this dish totally different from the original version, the thane really enjoyed eating it.

Demon Emperor Hezhi

The thane has tasted the original Heavenly Tribulation Grand Feast. As such, he is acquintanced with Demon Emperor Hezhi. However, its not known the extend of their relationship.

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