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Shield of King-Tyrant Specialist is the corresponding living item for «Thirty Three Beasts Inborn Qi Art – Great Turtle Chapter».[1]


Can’t we just use ordinary turtle shell?
Sixth Path to Song Shuhang[2]

Infallible Holy City

Infallible Holy City

Doomsday’s Holy Sword

Doomsday’s Holy Sword


As a living item, the shield will obtain new abilities each time it evolved to a higher realm.

Fourth Stage

Fifth Stage

Sixth Stage

Seventh Stage

Eighth Stage


  1. King-Tyrant (王霸; wáng bà) is similar sounding with 王八 (wáng bā; tortoise, cuckold, (old) male owner of a brothel, pimp). The words are homonym of each other even in the Ancient language.[1]
  2. Tyrant-King (霸王; Bà Wáng) was the title of Xiang Yu. 霸王 also alternately translated as ‘Hegemon-King’, ‘Overlord’ or ‘Conqueror’.

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