Siren is one of Mr. Wu’s henchmen. She received an order from his jealous boss to beat Song Shuhang. However, being a kind-hearted, she offered to mimic Shuhang’s pitiful yell sound while her companions will beat Shuhang lightly.

However, she soon discover that the combined attack of three Third Stage sea monsters didn’t even make a scratch on Shuhang’s Sabre Intent Armour, despite they have been attacking him for half an hour.

While they were attacking him, Venerable White and Ye Si arrived and scared the hell out of her and her companions.

After understanding the situation, Venerable White proceeded to give them some buffs, increasing their attack power and at the same time increasing their defence. Afterwards, they managed to destroy Shuhang’s Sabre Intent Armour and almost die due to its counter attack, if not for Venerable White’s protection.


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