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Sixteen is a member of the famous Heavenly River’s Su Clan. She was the most talented disciple of the Heavenly River’s Su Clan’s younger generation. She possesses great potential and at the peak of Third Stage Battle King Realm at the start of the novel.[3][4] She was proficient at sabre techniques and painting.[5]


Sixteen looks like an attractive high schooler, but is extremely insecure with her appearance, especially when compared with Soft Feather.


Third to Fourth Heavenly Tribulation

At the start of the novel, Sixteen attempted to transcend the tribulation at H-City and failed, but survived because of the intervention of Seven.[3][4]

She was sent to The Fourth People’s Hospital of Wuxi.

To heal her wounds, Seven looked for Dragon Bone Withered Vine everywhere.

Fourth Stage

Rejection of Mortal Body Ceremony

Sixteen participated in Saint Monarch Eat Melon’s Rejection of Mortal Body Ceremony, standing in the east position of the array.

Afterwards, she condensed five immortal bones by absorbing the energy released by the ceremony.

Heavenly Way’s Small Black Room

Heavenly Way’s Small Black Room

Path of Trials

Path of Trials

Return to the Past

Eight Stage Heavenly Tribulation

Heart of Tyrant Song

Saint Seal

you should cancel the mountain [山] character, keep the 16 ah!

Mountain of Su (苏山; sū shān) is pronounced similar to Mountain of Books (书山; shū shān) according to Wenzhou’s dialect.[6]

Mountain of Su (苏山; sū shān) also sounds just like Su Three (苏三; sū sān), much to the annoyance of Four.[7][8]

Profound Saint Sermon

This timeline is where Song Shuhang rejected True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s request for friend, thus causing him never entering the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

This timeline is where White returned to the Immortal Realm after becoming a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal.[9][10]

Smelting Trial

As a ‘Digit’ member of the Heavenly River’s Su Clan, Sixteen must face her trial; defeating alternate versions of herself in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.



The two have something of a brother-sister relationship, with Seventh being the annoying elder brother.

North River

As Seventh’s friend, North River has seen Sixteen growing up since she was little. He thinks of Sixteen as his niece. When she failed to transcend the Third Promotes Fourth Heavenly Tribulation, North River was very visibly distressed.

Copper Trigram once transformed into Sixteen’s appearance to mess with North River right before their duel at Forbidden City.

Song Shuhang

So this is the person who made you decide to live on?
Sixteen Two to Sixteen[11]

When the two first met, Sixteen didn’t really care for him, thinking him a busy body who was interfering in her fun of beating up local punks. However, after an adventure with them being attacked by enemies of Seven, she came to have a strong interest in him. This became only stronger after Song was able to get the medicine needed to heal the injuries the failed tribulation left on her. Since then, it’s very obvious to everyone around her (especially after she once mailed herself to him) that she is gunning to be Song Shuhang’s dao companion.

Sixteen also the latest disciple of the Heavenly River’s Su Clan to fall for someone surnamed Song.

In the epilogues, it was revealed that Sixteen is pregnant with Song Shuhang’s daughter, Song Miao.

White Dragon

After taking the Dragon Bone Withered Vine obtained by Song Shuhang, Sixteen’s true dragon blood was stimulated. This allowed White Dragon to protect her in the form of a Karmic Virtue White Dragon.


Sixteen was featured on the cover of these following volumes:

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