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Sixth Path is a golden haired fairy maiden with a fetish for legs.


Profound Heavy Sect

Sixth Path is a disciple of the Profound Heavy Sect. As such, she is a grandmaster level artificer. She uses Phoenix Flame from the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre during her casting of artifacts.

Service Charge

  • Big Hammer: 100 First Stage spirit stones per strike.
  • Small hammer: 50 First Stage spirit stones per strike.

Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item

Eight Stage your younger sister!
Jasmine to Shuhang[1]

Sixth Path forged Song Shuhang’s two sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item using entirely Eighth Stage materials in return for a mysterious senior’s help to rescue Fourth Path and Seventh Path.

After successfully rescued, Fourth Path and Seventh Path helped in forging the combined magical items.

Due to Song Shuhang constantly bringing in 8th stage or higher materials in order to forge two sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item for himself and White Two, she was forced to overwork herself as she was only a Sixth Stage True Monarch working on materials beyond her realm. This caused her heart to be "rended" by Song Shuhang whenever he brought her new materials to work on.

Sixth Path also received assistance from 20 artificers from the Thirty Three Beasts Divine Sect drafted by Song Shuhang.[2]

Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre

Sixth Path received the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre from its previous owner, Fifth Path along with the (Digit) Path lineage’s cumulative experience, knowledge and wisdom.

After her failure to transcend the Sixth to Seventh Heavenly Tribulation, Sixth Path relinquished the ownership of the sabre to Seventh Path.

Her forging the 2 sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item gave her a chance to release either Fourth Path or her from the bindings of Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre. She chooses Forth Path, since she is helping Seventh Path in liberating her.

Tomb of Venerable Sixth Path

Despite her failure to promoted to Seventh Stage, Sixth Path constructed the Tomb of Venerable Sixth Path as part of (Digit) Path lineage’s custom.

Candidates for Eighth Path has been exploring the tomb.


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