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Mysterious Maiden Gate’s Skylark was a member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group. She is the most ancient Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable not only in the group, but also in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.


Her skin was as white as snow, and she looked like a person of both Chinese and Caucasian origin. Her exquisite facial features resembled that of an Oriental person, but her build resembled that of a Westerner. Her eyelashes were also blue, just like her hair, and very long.[1]


Mysterious Maiden Gate’s Skylark was tasked to find ‘someone’ ever since the Immemorial Era, possibly by a Heavenly Way.[2][3]


  1. Unknown whether a male or female;
  2. A very interesting person, out of the ordinary, like to do things that others cannot understand;
  3. He or she, should be a good and kind person;
  4. Cultivation base doesn’t necessarily have to be high, but they must be very talented:
  5. Must have a goal.

Meeting the Holy Man

When I left him, his hairs not even grow yet, is this the puppy love?
Skylark to Song Shuhang[3]

Skylark, who had been searching for ‘something important’, searched along the place where the purple clouds condensed. Then, a few years later, she met a boy. The boy was about five years old, but he had studied a lot of books and seemed to have gathered all the knowledge in the world.[4][2]

Skylark and the boy chanced upon one another, but it was clear that the boy wasn’t the one Skylark was looking for. Therefore, she stayed with the boy only for a while and guided him from the ordinary world into the more magnificent world of cultivation.[4][2]

The boy’s cultivation speed was quite exaggerated. Within half a month, he had left behind his mortal life and broken through the ‘Dragon Gate’ realm, ascending to the Second Stage Realm.[4][2]

Joining the Nine Provinces (1) Group

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Dharma-Ending Battle

«Dharma-Ending Battle»

Convergence of Big Shots

As the Battle of Revenge was raging near the Earth space, Skylark who was being controlled by Fat Ball appeared in order to take away the left Eye of the Holy Man from Song Shuhang thinking that the eye was its missing part consumed by the Holy Man during the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII.

By using the AOE «Pregnancy Gaze», the Church of Doomsday’s Eighth Stage Profound Saints were incapacitated.[3]

Just like the rest of Convergence of Big Shots participants, she was thrown into a small black room by the ‘Heaven’ while trying to reason with it. Immediately afterwards, all records and memories about Skylark were ‘hidden’.

In the Nine Provinces (1) Group, manager [Mysterious Maiden’s Skylark]’s account changed into a blank account, a nameless account. Moreover, all chat logs in the group related with Skylark completely changed into ‘transparent’.[5]

However, the data wasn’t deleted, but merely changed into ‘transparent’. This is due to Skylark wasn’t erased, but only confined into a small black room. Before she is released, nobody in All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Nine Serenities can remember her except for White.[5]

Demonic Tribulation World

Skylark in the Eighth Stage Demonic Tribulation World

Adventures in the Beast Realm

After recovering the Bone of Imperishable from the hands of Fat Ball with the help of Ruism Holy Man’s wooden urn, her memory cleared up a lot. She remembered that Ruism Holy Man once had a hidden resurrection grand array in Beast Realm.[6]

Skylark and Mad Sabre Three Waves intentionally provoked the members of the Ancient Heavenly Court in the Beast Realm, resulting with them being detained in the Immortal Locking Prison.[7][6]

Battle of the Dream World

Don’t let my sacrifices be in vain

Skylark participated in the Battle of the Dream Realm along side fellow members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group White and Song Shuhang, as well as Eternal Life Being White Bone. She served as a vanguard in the battle together with White. Her task is the battle was protecting White.

You call that Seventh Stage?
White Bone to Song Shuhang, regarding Skylark’s battle strength

During the course of the battle, she was killed four times. She resurrected instantaneously each time due to the Bone of Imperishable.[8]

Ninth Heavenly Way’s Award Ceremony


Holy Man

The Holy Man had an unrequited love for Skylark.[3]

Mad Sabre Three Waves

I want to give birth to Three Waves’ child
Skylark during her Eighth Stage Demonic Tribulation[9]

Skylark was the big senior Mad Sabre Three Waves made an indiscreet remarks when she just joined the Nine Provinces (1) Group. Due to that, Three Waves was punished for 1 year and 4 months.[10]

Three Waves also has full access to Skylark’s accounts.

Song Shuhang

She met him few times and she calculated the future.


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