Heavenly Way Small Black Room (天道小黑屋; Tiān Dào Xiǎo Hēi Wū) also known as the Heavenly Way Prison (天道狱; Tiān Dào Yù) originated from the innumerable large and small dimensions created by the Third Heavenly Way.[1]

These dimensions were the by-product of his experiment of ‘Gold Lotus, Evil Lotus’. These dimensions can be only opened with Heavenly Way’s authority. Afterward, after some of the following Heavenly Ways’ improvement, enhancement and supplementation, these large and small dimensions, became ‘Heavenly Way Small Black Room’.[1]

Small Black Room’s Effect

The small black rooms were created with the «Forget Divine Art» served as part of its basis.

After being locked up in the small black room, the prisoner’s ‘existence’ would be erased. It was as if the prisoner had never even existed in All Heavens and Myriad Realms in the first place. Before the prisoner’s eventual release, no one in All Heavens and Myriad Realms would be able to remember or even think of the prisoner. Even all records that were related to the prisoner would enter a state of ‘invisibility’.[2]

Known Black Rooms

There are several hundred small black rooms, with all sizes available.[3]

The participants Convergence of Big Shots were thrown into different black rooms.

Black Room World

Eye Looking Planet was thrown into this world.[4]

Pure White Room World

This pure white room was a place of absolute white, and there was nothing in it. Moreover, the spirit energy in this room was very poor.[5] Skylark possessed Fat Ball was thrown into this world.[4][2]

Brown World

Green World

This is an environmentally friendly world.

Originally Song Shuhang was to be thrown into this world. However, since White’s doppelgänger was grasping him, the threat value was revised and changed into the Dusky World.[2]

Dusky World

The Dusky World was a lifeless world. It was filled with grey mist and exuded an aura of death.[2]

Song Shuhang, White’s doppelgänger, Sixteen and Soft Feather was thrown into this world.[2]

In order to escape from the Seventh Ruler of the Nine Serenities, Anything Can Sell escaped into this Dusky World.


Any practitioner who is about to breakthrough a major realm will have to transcend their tribulation inside their respective small black room.

Eighth Stage and Ninth Stage tribulation transcenders will be whisked away to their respective tribulation world. After they have finished their tribulations, the tribulation transcenders will be returned back into the small black rooms.

Special Beings

Great Turtle of Disaster

Great Turtle of Disaster is a special race of turtle that can travel through the Heavenly Way Small Black Room freely.


Song Shuhang

By using White’s specially crafted disposable flying swords, Song Shuhang was able to enter and leave the small black rooms as he wished.

Second Nine Serenities Ruler

Due to the rivalry between the Second and Third Heavenly Ways, the Third hardwired the small black rooms to detect and detain the Second Nine Serenities Ruler

Once the Second Nine Serenities Ruler’s wisp of conciousness entered a small black room, it will immediately locked on and unable to leave the room.


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