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Snow Wolf is a cultivator who started out life as an actual white wolf, eventually becoming a monster cultivator. He is considered the foremost expert in ice techniques in the Nine Provinces Group.



A giant snow wolf over four meters tall.[1]


A man with snow-white hair and a flying sword with the ‘rattle-drum’ flight pattern also converged with the group. At this time, he was hugging a cute snow-white wolf. The body of the small wolf was covered in bubbles… it seemed that the man was giving the small wolf a bath when they were seized by the disposable flying sword. The poor wolf had already fainted, and its eyes were still spinning.[2] Snow Wolf has a large body and as a monster cultivator, can use his snow wolf claws.[3]

After drinking 1/4 of the Dragon Demon Medicine, Cave Lord Snow Wolf's build had strengthened a bit. However, it was hardly noticeable, and one basically couldn’t tell by looking.[3]


Snow Wolf is a cautious lurker and low-key in the chat group while staying updated on the group's progress. However, he is willing to follow the humorous flow if enjoyable.[4][5] He also has a gossiper's heart. He likes to be merry to drink.

As a monster cultivator, his aesthetic sense of beauty might be different from human beings.[6]

Because he knows of and experienced Song Shuhang's preganancy gaze, he slightly feels fear at times.

Life Before Song Shuhang

A Little Snow Wolf

Cave Lord Snow Wolf favored this method training in a secret realm. When he was only an ordinary small snow wolf, he inadvertently entered an ownerless secret realm suited for practicing. From that point onwards, the gates of cultivation opened for him.[7] He also taught many other snow wolves to cultivate.

Second Stage Minor Realm Promotion

It took Snow Wolf a whole three years to promote a minor realm in the Second Stage. Monster cultivators are at too much of a disadvantage in the early stages. Before gaining the ability to change shape, they have to put in twice the effort for half the result.[8]

Fifth Stage - Human Form

As a member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group, Snow Wolf condensed a High Grade Monster Core with 7 Marks.

Married Snow Wolf

One hundred fifty years before, Snow Wolf was still married to his snow wolf wife, but did not yet have cubs. By the time Senior White left seclusion, Snow Wolf has managed to father a pack of cubs.[9]

White's Documents

A monster snow wolf member of the Snow Wolf Cave went to Jiangnan to give Song Shuhang Senior White's ID documents and licenses.

He advised as an ice specialist about Li Yinzhu's condition.[10][11]

White's Disposable Flying Sword

Battle of Severing Immortal

Tiger Bone and Bear Bile Paste A8 edition

Blood Demon & Snow Wolf's wish

Tractor Race

After True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, True Monarch Falling Dust, Soft Feather, and Cave Lord Snow Wolf ran over the cuttlefish monster almost at the same time, closely following in True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon’s wake.[12]

Contestant No.15 Cave Lord Snow Wolf, who had originally been third, thought of overtaking True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon before reaching the finish line. He was planning to launch a snowstorm toward the latter while overtaking him and freezing his hand-guided tractor. However, not only did his plot fail, his own hand-guided tractor was almost overturned by the small single-person wave True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon sent toward him. Although he tried his best to keep competing, he had to settle for the fourth place in the end.[13]

Dharma King Good Fortune Singing[14]

White's Ruins of Cheng Lin

First Trip

White's tripping[15]

Second Trip[16]

White kills illusion witness Song Shuhang[17]

Cheng Lin's Daozang

Dharma-Ending Battle

Dharma-Ending Battle

Snow Wolf and his family played as a group of omnious beasts. His monster snow wolf cubs (shrunk ver.) were cuddled by members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group during their free time.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf and his family prepared to make their appearance. They were going to play the role of the ferocious wild beasts that would gravely injure the main character while the latter was rushing toward the place where Senior Sister Murong Hua’s wedding would be held, making Senior Sister Murong Hua and Ling Ye unable to stay together and get married.

Venerable White, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, and his family headed toward the location of the shooting ahead of time so that they could familiarize themselves with the surrounding area and decide how to conduct the fight during the shooting.

After appearing in the mountain valley, Cave Lord Snow Wolf’s family started to flatten the surrounding area, their eyes bloodshot. The gigantic snow wolves completely destroyed all the big trees, huge rocks, and small mountain slopes in the surroundings. They were suppose to oppose monster Yu Jiaojiao.

Yu Jiaojiao and Cave Lord Snow Wolf’s family, who were in the middle of their performance, were stunned by the sudden appearance of the four-headed snake demon, and were thus sent flying.

He and his family later participated in Purple Mist's and Medicine Master's wedding as guests.

Cocoon Snow Wolf

Snow Wolf gifted to Song Shuhang a Third Stage sabre art «Blast Sabre» during young travel days for a fourth of a vial of Dragon Demon Medicine, spinning his cocoon to hung from the ceiling. [18]

Diving....Myriad Books Mountain - Solitary Holy Pond

Battle of White Cloud Academy

For tasty "Hulk" Song Shuhang, Snow Wolf gives him a bottle of ‘hundred flowers valley body shampoo’. It’s very good to get rid of smells. Snow Wolf use it when bathing his wolf cubs, and its effects are much stronger than those of the ‘body cleansing talisman’ and the likes.[19]

Ice Sealing Skylark


He secretly prepared student documents for Venerable White's short school transfer experience. He had his youner male cousin Moon Wolf take over the office work while he helps Venerable Skylark.[21]

Profound Saint Tyrant Song

Snow Wolf's cubs' saint stamps.....[22]

Doudou's Wedding

Battle of Revenge

Convergence of Big Shots

Profound Demon Tyrant Ru

Memory Loss

Pregnancy Gaze Sermon

Immortal Food Feast (1) (2)

Cultivation Technique Creation Teaching Material: Song Shuhang

Celestials Hunting Event

Ancient Saint Tyrant Dragon

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

During the tribulation, Snow Wolf with the Nine Provinces (1) Group created Dragon Net ID accounts and were added by Song Shuhang's QR Code.

Through spiritual resonance with Song Shuhang, Snow Wolf displayed his signature ice magecraft.[23]

At the end of the tribulation, Snow Wolf became a parallel import Ancient Saint Snow Wolf.

Battle for Heavenly Astral - Nine Provinces (1) Ancient Saint Group Display[24]

Throne of Wealth Dispersal - End at Layer 8

Heavenly Tribulation Feast - Vegetable dish

In the Beast Realm, Sixth Stage Song Shuhang's Star Path was created with Snow Wolf also added.[25]

Saint Monarch Tyrant Demon

Sexy Tyrant Song's Q/A Sermon + Mountain of Su's Thunder Arts Sermon

During Tyrant Song's sermon, Snow Wolf commented he ate dog-flavor medicine pills before.[26]

Snow Wolf lurked and learned of Song Shuhang's new nickname "Venerable Song".[27]

Artificial evil pestilence

Way Monarch Tyrant Exterminate

Heavenly River's Su Clan's Annual Meeting

Collapse of the Heavenly Way Sermon

Demon Saint Tyrant Serenity & Saint Tyrant

Tyrant Song's live explosion

Evil pestilence double sermons

Ninth Stage & Eternal Life Being Song Shuhang

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration (January 25, 2020) - Lotus Core World

Snow Wolf brings two small snow wolves to the celebration and watches out for the children group in his monster form with Abbot Fathom Mystery.[28] He is buried with many others in the snow conjured by Northern Great Emperor.[29] With the Nine Provinces (1) Group, Snow Wolf witnesses Song Shuhang suddenly blow up and receive a cultivation upgrade from the purified remains. He also watches Sixteen transcending Fifth to Sixth Stage.

During the celebration, Snow Wolf watches of the ascending Daozi and Song Shuhang's adventure with him.

8.5 Heavenly Way (January 25-February 4, 2020)

Tyrant Plum = Tyrant Word

Ninth Heavenly Way & Transcendence

Alternative Timeline 1: No Cultivator Song Shuhang

Alternative Timeline 2: No Soft Feather Time Interference

 Live Broadcast of Transcending to Heavenly Way

Nine Provinces (1) Group & Finale 


In his monster form, Cave Lord Snow Wolf comments during the group live video chat that the past, future and present Heavenly Ways are dominated by the Spirit Butterfy Lineage and its relations. Alongside the Nine Provinces (1) Group, he witnesses the suicide and evident resurrection of Holy Man's reincarnation Mad Sabre Three Waves.

Skills and Abilities

Standard Monster (Wolf) Cultivator Arts

Solid Fifth Stage Monster Cultivator Foundation

  • Monster Core Attack (7→9 Marks)

Ice Arts

Snow Wolf is very talented with the ice element. Moreover, ice-type techniques can be used to attack, defend, and support. It’s a very versatile element. In battle amongst cultivators, it’s very important to use flexible techniques. Sometimes, even a small technique can change the course of the entire battle.

  • Ice Cold Tornado.(寒冰旋风) [30]
  • Ice Die[31]
  • Solitary Holy Pond's Ice Secret Technique[32]
  • Ice-type arrays[20]

Expert Documentation Forger and Lawyer

Cave Lord Snow Wolf was a professional when it came to handling documents. If there was any fellow daoist that had closed up for several hundred years, they could look for Cave Lord Snow Wolf to get all the documents they needed.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf was also handling a company that changed spirit stones into RMB, USD, and so on. An ordinary spirit stone of the Third Stage could be exchanged for a large sum of money.[33][34][35]

Wolf Protection Manager[36]

Aside from the monster wolves in his Snow Wolf Cave, he adopted many spirit beasts of the ‘wolf’ type. Therefore, he might have a few wolf-type spirit beast crystals in his hands.

Charging Art

A thunder attribute magecraft created by Three Waves for Nine Provinces (1) Group anywhere phone charging palm art.

Clean Dust Curse

An earth attribute magecraft created by Three Waves for Nine Provinces (1) Group dust-free anywhere cleaning curse. It gathers dust within a certain radius and forms a compact ball to simply toss back to the environment.

Clothes Cleaning Curse

A versatile cleaning magecraft created by Three Waves for Nine Provinces (1) Group. It can remove stains, dirt and non-clean external small things from fabrics. It cannot mend clothes.

Celestials Induction Technique

A human based magecraft created to radar track Celestials. As a FIfth Stage monster cultivator, Snow Wolf was one of many Fifth Stage cultivators attacked and ambushed by the Celestials.

Wonderful Mirror for Divine Armament

A spatial attribute magecraft for Ninth Stages, created by Blockhead Song for minor spatial node marking movement between objects.

Tyrant Song Saint Seal Stamp


Dragon Seal - Ancient Saint Snow Wolf

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation contact dragon (saint) seal gift『Ancient Saint Snow Wolf』『雪狼古圣』that makes Snow Wolf unable to be affected by equal to or lower than Eighth Stage level magecrafts.

Ninth Heavenly Way's Blessing Brand Mark

After the Ninth Heavenly Way became official, Snow Wolf as one of Song Shuhang's seniors received the world ruler's acknowledgement title:『Heavenly Way Tyrant Song's Respectable Senior』『霸宋天道尊敬的前辈』, this title body buff earns Snow Wolf respect from future transcending tribulations and lessens the 'death' danger. The title buff also induces All Heavens and Myriad Realms environment to automatically prioritize its energy to Snow Wolf when he cultivates.


Living Item: Pair of Wolf Claw Sceptors[30]


Through Song Shuhang, Snow Wolf's living item sceptor pair later develops a faint spirit consciousness and then birth a tool spirit embryonic form (slightly weak consciousness).[37]

Cellphone Magical Item

A phone modified to be able to chat anywhere in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

Ice-type Magic Ring[42]

  • Obtained from a Heavenly Demon, a magical ring of the ice attribute. It should have the power to strengthen ice-type techniques.


  • A sword used for sword escape flying art

Hundred Flowers Valley Body Shampoo

  • A fragrant deodorizing body shampoo used to wash his cubs.

Ninth Heavenly Way Rewards Ceremony

  • Personal BGM: Heavenly Way featured personalized departure BGM

Transcendence Souvenir

  • Imperishable Granule: Senior White implanted imperishable (auto-resurrect) quality granule derived from an alternative timeline future's washed white Jet-Black's granules.


  • A wish he made to White was "I hope Senior White will give me his blessings so that I can advance to the Sixth Stage next year!".[44]
  • Kamikaze Driver East Six is the only cultivator Snow Wolf does not wish to have her documents issued, mainly her driver's licence.
  • Cave Lord Snow Wolf’s children were still unable to assume human form (Fourth Stage & less) and were very cute.

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