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Overturned Myriad Books Mountain, Solitary Holy Pond
Coloured-Glass Scholar to Song Shuhang

Solitary Holy Pond (圣寂池; shèng jì chí) was a secret location of Ruism originally known only to the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals only. It will only be revealed once the Myriad Books Mountain was overturned. It contains the legacy of the Holy Man. Its location was revealed to Song Shuhang by Coloured-Glass Scholar on 10th August 2019.[1]

Name Meaning

  • shèng : holy, sacred, saint, sage. Holy was chosen to match with other holy.
  •  : solitary
  • chí : pond


Su Wenqu was drafted by Seven to teach the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group the 《Holy Man’s Moral Cultivation Code》 and 《Holy Man’s Mental Cultivation Code》. However, as he was teaching them, he can’t help to incorporated his ‘writing style’, causing much confusion and anguish to the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s members.



Skill Obtained

1 Song Shuhang Ruism’s Vajrapani Body
2 White Compressed Space Explosion Secret Technique
3 Eternal Fire Sage's Writing Brush Combat Technique


Falling Dust Dragon and Phoenix Seal


Scallion Lady

Berserker Art

Golden Lotus World


Links and References

  1. Chapter 638
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