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Son of Heaven (天之子; Tiān zhī Zǐ) was the ‘Current Heaven’ final back hand. It was safely hidden in a Primordial Chaos World. The Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance has spent countless years just to find its hiding place.[1]


Son of Heaven took form as a Liquid Metal Giant.

Fight Against the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance

It battled with a task force of Eternal Life Being led by Blockhead Song and consisted of Northern Great Emperor Two, Western Great Emperor, Soul Reaping Great Emperor and Peach of Immortality.[1]

At first, it has the upper hand and put the task force into disadvantage, however Soul Reaping Great Emperor managed to find a piece of land with Ruism Holy Man’s final and strongest obsession.[2] By using the Shadow Holy Land, Blockhead Song channelled the obsession and became Holy Man’s avatar.[3]

Ruism Holy Man vs Liquid Metal Ball (Round 2)

"I’m really amazing during studying!"

"I’m really amazing when entering Way!"

"I’m really amazing when establishing the Way!"

"Amazing Amazing Amazing~ Amazing Amazing Amazing~"

Ruism Holy Man Obsession Body start to amazingly beat the Liquid Metal Giant. The fight was so amazingly one sided until the members of the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance doubt that it was Holy Man who lost the final battle of the Vying for the Heavenly Way VIII.[3]

After the battle ended, Blockhead Song reverted back to himself. He then returned Song Shuhang’s lower half body, together with some treasures to repair the cracked Shadow Holy Land.[4]

Fight Against Tyrant Song

By using the treasures given by Blockhead Song, Song Shuhang launched the «Divine Strike» against Son of Heaven who was hiding in his lower half body. This strike was so powerful that it literally destroyed the Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation World.


Son of Heaven was the sacred imperial title of the Emperor of China. It originated with the ancient Zhou dynasty and was founded on the political and spiritual doctrine of the Mandate of Heaven.

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