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Song Baba is the father of Song Shuhang. He works at State Grid Corporation of China.[2]

Name & Aliases

Song Baba

Song Baba’s real name was unknown even after the novel ended. He is addressed as ‘baba’ (爸爸; bàbà), ‘old ba’ (老爸; lǎo bà) or just ‘ba’ (爸; ) by Song Shuhang while his friends call him as ‘Old Song’ (老宋; Lǎo Sòng).

Ba of Tyrant Song

Ba of Tyrant Song (霸宋之爸; Bà Sòng zhī Bà) means the father of Tyrant Song.[3]

After his identity as the biological father of the illustrious Tyrant Song was known, Song Baba was addressed as ‘Old Ancestor of Song Family’ by practitioners of the Cultivation World, much to Song Baba’s annoyance.[1]

This title was coined by Scholar Blue Sea.[1]

Changing Heaven

Due to the Changing Heaven, Song Baba and the rest of his family and friends were told to migrated to Ruism’s Golden Lotus World for their own safety by Song Shuhang.

However, Song Baba asked for three days time to inform and arrange the migration process.

Martial Art Master System

The Martial World Master Training System was proposed for those who have missed the golden age of cultivation.[4]


Song Mama

Song Mama is Song Baba’s wife. Their acquaintance started when Song Baba acted as a villain to pester Song Mama for his friend. According to the script, Song Mama would go crying for help and Song Baba’s friend will step in and rescue her. It turns out Song Mama was the fearless type and agreed to accept Song Baba’s (fake) invitation to play, leaving the friend crying alone.

Song Shuhang

Song Baba is very proud of Song Shuhang. He always brags about his son in front of his friends, especially with Old Lü. Both of them love to compare their respective son’s achievements.

Upon learning that his son was an Eighth Stage while Sixteen and Soft Feather were both Fifth Stages, Song Baba immediately thought the girls were ranked higher since according to the Nine-rank System (九品中正制; jiǔpǐn zhōngzhèngzhì), First Rank (一品; yīpǐn) was the highest while Ninth Rank (九品; jiǔpǐn) was the lowest rank.

Song Shuyu

Old Lü

Old Lü is Song Baba’s best enemy, the two keep attempting to outdo each other, especially in bragging about their children.


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