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Mama Song is Song Shuhang’s mother and the paternal aunt of Zhao Yaya.

One of her wish is for her son to get a girlfriend in the university. She didn’t have any specific requirement for her future daughter-in-law. She was extremely happy when Soft Feather came visiting and start planning with Zhao Yaya for places Shuhang should take Soft Feather.[2]

Name & Aliases

Song Mama

Song Mama’s real name was unknown even after the novel ended. She is addressed as ‘mama’ (妈妈; māmā), ‘old ma’ (老妈; lǎo mā) or just ‘ma’ (妈; ) by Song Shuhang.

Old Ancestor of Zhao Family

Upon her identity as the biological mother of the illustrious Tyrant Song was known, Song Mama was addressed as Old Ancestor of Zhao Family by the Cultivation World. This title was first used by Daoist Blue Sea.


Just like Song Shuhang, Song Mama was just a normal and regular mortal. However, after daily drinking the special tea and eating the special rice her son brought, Mama Song noticed that she is getting younger and younger. She eventually found herself pregnant with her second child, Song Shuyu.

Song Shuyu

Post Natal Care


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