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Its Song ONE (宋壹), not Song One (宋一)

Song ONE (宋壹; Sòng Yī) or more famously known as Blockhead Song (宋木头; Sòng Mùtou) was a founding member of the Ancient Heavenly Court. He was famous for being a prankster and a fox who exploit the tiger’s might.

Name & Aliases

Song ONE

Tyrant Sabre Song Three... Oh wait, it should be Tyrant Sabre Song One. A character used the capital letter way, Tyrant Sabre Song ONE!
White to Song Shuhang[3][4]

The name uses capital ONE (; ) instead of a normal one (; ).[5] Although Song One and Song ONE’s pronunciation and meaning are the same, but they are written differently.[1]

Blockhead Song

Despite being an accomplished trickster and prankster, Song ONE was more famously known as a ‘blockhead’ (木头; mù tou). The reason for this nickname was Song ONE’s supposedly being clueless or being daft when it comes to women.

New Heavenly Emperor

Blockhead Song was the ‘New Heavenly Emperor’ (新天帝; Xīn Tiān Dì).


Song ONE appearance was that of a Ruism scholar with a long sword at his waist. His hair was a bright golden colour. Moreover, although his facial features were very common at first glance, when they were viewed carefully, one would find them more and more pleasing.[6]

It was said that Blockhead Song’s hair had been black in his earlier days, but changed after drinking White Dragon’s blood, and it turned his hair into golden from black.[6]



Blockhead Song is a Chaotic Good character follows his own whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others’ freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.

Death Seeking Disease

Death Seeker Song!
Heavenly Emperor[7]

Blockhead Song was famous for his death seeking tendencies in the Ancient Heavenly Court. A troll by heart, he loves to play tricks and pulling pranks.

According to Northern Great Emperor, during the Ancient Heavenly Court era, the numbers of those who told him that they wanted to punch Blockhead Song were in the triple-digit. However, less than 10 managed to do it.[8]

Ghost Lantern Temple

Spirit Ghost #1 was one of the two spirit ghosts nurtured in the Ghost Lantern Temple for 60 years.

Clear Water Pavilion

Spirit Ghost #1 was ‘borrowed’ by Coloured-Glass Scholar for a while.

Its appearance also changed to 70% of the scholar and only 30% of its master.[9]

Blasted into The Past

Tyrant Sabre Song … oh no, call me Song ONE
Spirit Ghost to Chu Qiongqiong[9]

Due to time and space disturbance during a battle between Coloured-Glass Scholar and a demon Tribulation Immortal in the Nine Serenities, Spirit Ghost #1’s memory was accidentally sent into the past while the spirit ghost itself was absorbed by Blockhead Song + Cheng Lin.[10][11]

There was an ownerless spirit ghost wandering aimlessly in the world. The spirit ghost finally arrived at a meadow near the Clear Water Pavilion. This area was like a fairyland with birds and flowers, towering ancient trees.[11]

The ownerless spirit ghost floated for a moment, then suddenly bent over and picked up something. It was a fragment of soul so small that it almost dissipated. The soul fragment was originally belonged to the Coloured-Glass Scholar of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.[11]

After picking it up, the ownerless spirit ghost instinctively protected it. This action became the reason why Blockhead Song helped Coloured-Glass Scholar during the Destruction of Ruism, why the later was sealed in the Clear Water Pavilion and why the seal was broken during Song Shuhang’s era.[11]

At this time, a space fluctuation suddenly appeared on top of the ownerless spirit ghost’s head. Something seems to fall out of the ‘space’ and finally merge with this ‘spirit ghost’. The thing that fell out was Spirit Ghost #1’s memories, personal information as well as part of Song Shuhang’s strength.[11]

The first person Spirit Ghost #1 met was a very much younger Chu Qiongqiong.[9]

Destruction of Clear Water Pavilion

Clear Water Pavilion.

Destruction of Ruism

During the Destruction of Ruism, Coloured-Glass Scholar when facing imminent death, requested so that he be sealed by Blockhead Song.

Ancient Heavenly Court

Construction of the Ancient Heavenly Court

Blockhead Song was part of the group that constructed the Ancient Heavenly Court, together with the Heavenly Emperor.

Hall of Winter

Blockhead Song helped Northern Great Emperor to construct the Hall of Winter (冬之殿; Dōng zhī Diàn).

Whenever he encountered an enemy he can’t defeat, he will run to the Hall of Winter and ask for help from Northern Great Emperor.[12]

Destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court

During the late era of the Ancient Heavenly Court, Song ONE stole Heavenly Emperor’s authority. He became the New Heavenly Emperor by sealing the ‘Old’ Heavenly Emperor in the Path of Trials.[13]

Song ONE also tried to crush the Way of the Heavenly Court from within. However, his attempt was met with failure. Due to this, his Way was broken and collapsed.[13]

Beast God Corps

Before the Destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, Blockhead spent more than ten years to hide Beast God Corps’ legacies into Legacy in the Light and Legacy in the Dark.

Battle of White Cloud Academy

Using the Coloured-Glass Scholar’s appearance, he briefly joined the Battle of White Cloud Academy. During the battle, he killed all ten Eighth Stage Profound Demons who were leading the attack, within just a few seconds. He then left immediately afterwards, only stopped for a moment when looking at Song Shuhang.[14][15]

Clear Water Pavilion

Blockhead pretends to be Daoist Umbrella (伞道人; Sǎn Dàoren), a cultivator with a really bad memory that resides within the Clear Water Pavilion. He gave Shuhang a crumpled letter, originally written for Chu Qiongqiong.

As Daoist Umbrella, he sent a small red statue of Chu Qiongqiong to Song Shuhang for safekeeping. The statue is Chu Qiongqiong’s method of resurrection.


Song ONE has an army consisted of seven Eternal Life Beings and 70,000 golden armoured officers and soldiers.[16]

  1. Northern Great Emperor Two[16]
  2. Soul Reaping Great Emperor[17]
  3. Western Great Emperor[16]
  4. True Person Peach of Immortality[17]
  5. Unknown – Already lost to the Heavenly Emperor[18]
  6. Unknown – Already lost to the Heavenly Emperor[18]
  7. Unknown – Already lost to the Heavenly Emperor[18]

These seven Eternal Life Beings addressed Song ONE as ‘Your Majesty’.


Others might fear you, but I don’t!
Monster Hunter Eternal Life Being[19]

During the Destruction of Ruism, Blockhead Song already a powerful and a famous cultivator, either a peak Tribulation Immortal or even possibly an Eternal Life Being. This was due to the fact that he was well-known to the Ruism’s Thirteen Tribulation Immortals and Coloured-Glass Scholar requested his help.

Moreover, from the words of Monster Hunter Eternal Life Being, suggested that Blockhead Song was quite feared during the Ancient Heavenly Court Era.[19]

During the Battle of Clear Water Pavilion, one of the Beast Realm's Tribulation Immortals noted that Blockhead Song would not have any problem doing a 1 vs 6 against them.[16]


Song Shuhang

Guy, Tyrant Song is a guy!
Blockhead Song to Phoenix Rite[20]

During the Ancient Heavenly Court Era, Blockhead Song’s obsession with a certain ‘Tyrant Song’ was well-known. He has been questioned about it by his supposed girlfriends quite a lot until he will auto-reply the question.[20]

Chu Qiongqiong

The things have remained the same, but the people have gone away, so that nothing can be done, I couldn’t help but to weep before I could say a word
A letter from Song ONE to Chu Qiongqiong, after the destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion

Chu Qiongqiong was the first person Blockhead met when he was sent back to the past by accident.[9]

Chu Qiongqiong also the woman Blockhead Song understands the most. He created the «Chu Qiongqiong Guide + Correspondence Formula» just to deal with her.[21][22]

White Dragon

Blockhead Song Must Die! × 10,000

White Dragon Primogenitor was the woman that understands Blockhead Song the most.[22] At the beginning, the small and weak Blockhead Song was a little brother in front of Gold Dragon Primogenitor, but the powerful Gold Dragon Primogenitor continuously using the ‘caring elder sister’ + powerful backer + guardian identity to interact with him.[23]

Every time Blockhead Song was beaten until crying, he will run to White Dragon. Once in a while, Blockhead Song will bring along White Dragon to the gathering place, the blockhead exploits the dragon’s might, making the enemy shed two tears for every single tear he shed.[23]

Blockhead Song once dyed White Dragon’s entire body with golden dye, transforming her into the Gold Dragon. In retaliation, she sent him flying from a corner of the Ancient Heavenly Court to the opposite corner.[24]

White Bone

Blockhead Song once stole a hammer sermon manuscript from Eastern Great Emperor’s diary.[23] Afterwards, the hammer sermon manuscript was sold to White Bone who used it as her Eighth Stage Profound Saint’s sermon, making All Heavens and Myriad Realms practitioners thought she was a hammer user instead of a sword user. Afterwards, she beat Blockhead Song until he cried.[25]

Blockhead was forced to join the All the World’s Monsters Together Become One Family by White Bone after the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court.


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