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Before becoming a cultivator, the only thing in the world that could make me feel delighted was doing my best to help others in need. If I didn’t enter Nine Provinces (1) Group, I probably would’ve lived an ordinary life like a normal person. Yet, that is not the life I want… I don’t have any ambitions, but I do crave an exciting and magnificent life. Even if there are scary thunder tribulations, or calamities brought on by many evil cultivators, I will never regret my choice.
Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang was an ordinary university student whose goal is to get a girlfriend, get married after graduation, get a mundane job, have a son and a daughter and finally retired at old age after living a boring life.[11]

He was ‘accidentally’ added to the Nine Provinces (1) Group by group admin True Monarch Yellow Mountain on 20th May 2019.[12] For some time, he assumed the chat group members were just chronic chuunibyou patients.[13]

Name & Aliases

Song Shuhang

宋 (Sòng) is a common Chinese surname, listed in the Hundred Family Surnames. Little Song (小宋; Xiǎo Sòng) was a derivation of this. Little Song Song (小宋宋; Xiǎo Sòng Sòng) is used by Shooting Star Sword.[14]

书 (Shū) means book. As the name implies, Song Shuhang liked reading all kinds of books, be it novels, literary works, classics, or even different kinds of boring theories that drove people crazy at first glance.[15]

航 (Háng) means boat; shi; craft; to navigate; to sail; to fly. Little Hang (小航; Xiǎo Háng) was a derivation of this and sometimes being used by the Second Nine Serenities Ruler to address him.[16] Hanghang (航航; Hángháng) is used by Shooting Star Sword.[17]

Net ID

Mountain of Books’ Huge Pressure (书山压力大; shū shān yālì dà) was Song Shuhang’s Net ID.

This Net ID was mistaken as Ruism’s style Dao Name by the members of the chat group.[12] Prior of him getting his own Dao Names, Shuhang used this Net ID as a temporary Dao Name.

This Net ID was the inspiration for Sixteen’s Mountain of Su Saint Title and Soft Feather’s Spirit Butterfly Island’s Huge Pressure nickname.[18][19]

Seven Consecutive Tyrants

Instead of one Saint Title as per the established rules and customs since the First Heavenly Way Era, Song Shuhang has seven Eighth Stage Saint Titles, making him the first ever to obtain more than one.

All sevens are two-words name, and each of them starts with ‘Tyrant’ (霸; ),[20] leading to him being referred as the ‘Seven Consecutive Tyrants’.

  1. Profound Saint Tyrant Song (霸宋玄圣; Bà Sòng Xuán Shèng), also known as Ruler Tyrant Song (霸宋主宰; Bà Sòng Zhǔzǎi);
  2. Profound Demon Tyrant Ru (霸儒玄魔; Bà Rú Xuán Mó), also known as Ruler Tyrant Ru (霸儒主宰; Bà Rú Zhǔzǎi);
  3. Ancient Saint Tyrant Dragon (霸龙古圣; Bà Lóng Gǔ Shèng);
  4. Saint Monarch Tyrant Demon (霸魔圣君; Bà Mó Shèng Jūn);
  5. Way Monarch Tyrant Exterminate (霸灭道君; Bà Miè Dào Jūn);
  6. Demon Saint Tyrant Serenity (霸幽魔圣; Bà Yōu Mó Shèng); and
  7. Tyrant Sabre Song ONE (霸刀宋壹; Bà Dāo Sòng Yī) – Although Song One and Song ONE’s pronunciations and meaning are the same, but they are written differently.[21] The ONE here used ‘壹’ instead of the normal ‘一’,[22] symbolising various unchangeable ‘first’ supreme positions he has obtained. As such, Song ONE can be read as Song the First (Song I).[23]

Baba Song

Call me baba!

Tyrant Tyrant (霸霸; bàbà) is a homonym of baba (爸爸; bàbà), an informal form of address for ‘father’. Practitioners of All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Demons of the Nine Serenities normally will stutter the word ‘Tyrant’ twice when mentioning any of Song Shuhang’s title, making it sound like they are calling him as baba [Tyrant … Tyrant Song (Ba … ba Song)].

In HTL, Godbrandy translated ‘Tyrant Tyrant’ as ‘Tranny’ instead.

Tribulation Immortal Tyrant Song

Instead of a Parallel Import Profound Saint, its better to be a Parallel Import Tribulation Immortal!
Song Shuhang to Eat Melon, during their Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation.[24]

After his third manifestation, rumours started to flying that he is a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal who is perfecting his Way.[25][26]

The rumours were so powerful that even Eighth Stage Saints started to call him as a senior and Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal called him as fellow daoist.

Eternal Life Being Tyrant Song

Congratulations, now you are Parallel Import Eternal Life Being!
Anything Can Sell

Lord of Tyrant Realm

Lord of Tyrant Realm (霸界之主; Bà Jiè zhī Zhǔ) was Song Shuhang’s Eighth Consecutive Tyrants title.

Heavenly Way Tyrant Song

After he successfully proving the Way as a Ninth Heavenly Way, Song Shuhang is addressed as ‘Heavenly Way Tyrant Song’ (霸宋天道; Bà Sòng Tiān Dào).[27]


Usually, the first thing people noticed about Song Shuhang’s appearance was he has a kind face that is harmless to animals and human.

At the start of the novel, he was 175cm high.[28][29] Later on, his height increased by another 7cm, making him 182cm tall.[30] After his body was reconstructed after it was destroyed by the Heavenly Punishment, he gained another 3cm, making him 185cm tall.

Song Shuhang is also famous throughout All Heavens and Myriad Realms for wearing casual and ordinary clothes, especially during Eighth Stage sermons.



Song Shuhang is a true neutral character who does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn’t feel strongly towards one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos.

He is concerned with his own well-being and that of the group or organization which aids him. He behaves in a good manner to those that he consider friends and allies, but will only act maliciously against those who have tried to injure him in some way. For the rest, he doesn’t care.

Bad Naming Sense

Youth, don’t give it some weird name
Seventh Heavenly Way[31]

Song Shuhang has weird naming sense. Not even the Nine Serenities Rulers were spared.

Death Seeker

If you don’t seek death, then you will not die
White to Song Shuhang

A trouble magnet who loves to mess with Eternal Life Beings or higher beings on daily basis. His body will feel uncomfortable if he doesn’t seek death for a day.

Song Shuhang’s death seeking skills and timing even impressed the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler.

Kind and Humble

Call me the Living Lei Feng!
Song Shuhang to a pair of students who are busy ‘fighting’, fulfilling their wish.

Shuhang was noted to have a kind heart. The members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group were afraid that his kindness would bring harm to him in on his path of cultivation.[32]

Evil Dragon Wearing Lambskin

Despicable, in all these years that I lived in seclusion human nature had unexpectedly become despicable to this degree, this really makes me distressed.
Second Nine Serenities Ruler[33]

Look, What A Sinister Existence!
Seven Demon Tribulation Immortals[34]

However, despite being a good guy most of the time, Shuhang has exhibited his evil side from time to time. Whenever he does, even the Seventh Ruler of the Nine Serenites doubts which one of them is the actual devil.

Shuhang also has no problem colluding with a Nine Serenities Ruler to pit another Ruler, then pit the former afterwards.

Practical and Realistic

Whatever floats the boat

Song Shuhang has no preconceived idea on how something should be, or what needed to be done first. He is unrestrained by customs and unfettered by rules.

A lion uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit. Moreover, I’m not a lion and it isn’t a rabbit.
Song Shuhang to Pavilion Lord Chu[35]

Despite being widely considered as an extremely powerful Eternal Life Being or at the very least a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal who is treading his own Way while he actually just a Sixth Stage True Monarch, Song Shuhang was very realistic about his own abilities and strength. He didn’t overestimate himself, nor did he underestimate his opponents.

Respect the Old and Cherish the Young

Don’t call me senior. You can use my name directly. Or call me Tyrant Song.
Song Shuhang to Honey Peach[36]

Even after he became a Ninth Heavenly Way and thus having the highest seniority in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, he still addressed the members of the chat group as either senior, senior apprentice sister or senior apprentice brother. To Song Shuhang, the seniors in the chat group will forever be his seniors, regardless of the huge disparity of their Cultivation Levels.[37]



Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads, Its master’s step is brisk. The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads, But adds unto their risk.
Song of the Swords

At first, it was thought that he was freeloading White’s luck. However, as time went on, it became more and more obvious that everything that happened to him was due to his own luck. His luck even surpasses White’s luck, who is known as the luckiest being in existence.

His luck will lead him to his goal, even leading him to the items and people necessary to complete the quest. The major drawback of his luck is that it does not lead him along the safest route, opting instead for the most dangerous path possible, just like the Wayfinder of the Twelve Swords of Power.

Riches and honours lurk within danger

The exact opposite of White’s luck, danger comes first before riches and honours. His luck ensures the danger and yield are proportional. The more dangerous situation he is, the greater yield he will gain. As such, his default setting in any situation is Hell Mode.
Song Shuhang’s luck was apparently average prior to his becoming a cultivator.


The Sword of Justice balances the pans, Of right and wrong, and foul and fair. Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans. The fate of all folk everywhere.
Song of the Swords

Any action or schemes against Song Shuhang normally will be reflected back to their originators, usually at least ten-folds or even a hundred folds.

Sea King suffered major losses each time he tried to steal a silver gauntlet from Shuhang’s hand, despite having all the advantages, including strength and numbers. An attempt using an item with space ability resulted with him being blasted by an actual Tribulation Immortal. Another attempt to make him transcend the Heavenly Tribulation unprepared became the catalyst for him to become an Eighth Stage Profound Saint instead.

The Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler once tried to entrap Shuhang in its impregnable lair and ended up with its lair being stolen by the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler and it being sent flying, something unthinkable to happen to a Nine Serenities Ruler.[38][39]

Elemental Attributes

Song Shuhang has double attributes of fire (☲) and thunder (☳). He later also gained Holy Light (absorbed from the eye-looking planet) and Imperishable (absorbed from the Bone of Imperishable) as attributes.

Thunder Attribute

Song Shuhang body has been tempered again and again by lots of thunder types such as:

  • Ordinary Heavenly Tribulation Tribulation Thunder,
  • Heavenly Tribulation modern weapons,
  • Heavenly Tribulation nuclear weapons,
  • Black Dragon World’s Thunder of Illusory,
  • Demon Sea World’s Ancient Thunder and
  • Heavenly Punishment.

Finally, during a betting round with the Second Nine Serenities Ruler, after repeated strikes of the Murdering Immortal Thunder, Song Shuhang finally received ‘Heavenly Thunder Graduation Certificate’. His body was shrouded with a layer of ‘thunder’ related ‘principle radiance’.[40]

After this ‘graduation’, any All Heavens and Myriad Realms ‘thunder’ damage to Song Shuhang will be weaken and thunder technique duration will be greatly shortened.[40]

Fire Attribute

Holy Light


Normally, anyone aside a Heavenly Way who encounters an imperishable attribute will fall into eternal slumber, the prime example would be Lord of Unextinguished. However, Song Shuhang was able to absorb unfiltered imperishable attributes without a hitch.

Song Shuhang have obtained the imperishable attributes of the Second until the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Ways. Only the mysterious First Heavenly Way’s imperishable attribute was left.

These imperishable attributes allowed Song Shuhang to easily resist Heavenly Way Dimension’s repulsion force during his ascension as a Ninth Heavenly Way.

Physical Attribute

Pain Resistance

Experience pain, endure pain, become accustomed to pain, enjoy pain
Song ‘Pain Makes Me Stronger’ Shuhang to Doudou

Song ‘Increase The Pain Level To The Next Level – This Level Of Pain Is A Piece Of Cake’ Shuhang has an extremely high pain resistance. If he cried due to pain it means the level of pain was so high that even Eternal Life Being couldn't stand it.



Jiangnan in general, and the area surrounding the Jiangnan University specifically is already known as the personal domain of Song Shuhang. Any cultivators who are passing through or are planning any activities in Jiangnan must pay respect to him first, lest they incur his wrath. Or so they thought.

Nine Serenities World

Song Shuhang was appointed as the Acting-Nine Serenities Ruler by the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler after the demise of the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler. As such, the entire Nine Serenities World is Song Shuhang’s domain and the Demons of the Nine Serenities are subjected to his will and whim, and will remain so until he is relieved of his status or the Ninth Ruler came into being.

Tyrant Realm

Song Shuhang obtained the Seal of the Tyrant Realm (霸界之印; Bà Jiè zhī Yìn) from the Ancient God in a Heavenly Way’s Small Black Room, thus effectively making him the Realm Lord of the Tyrant Realm.[41]


Song Shuhang was featured on the cover of the following volumes

  1. Volume 5
  2. Volume 11 with White
  3. Volume 33
  4. Volume 41 with Guoguo
  5. Volume 43
  6. Volume 51
  7. Volume 57 with Scarlet Firmament Sword

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    As a colloquial term, the exact ‘symptoms’ of chuunibyou aren't entirely set in stone. Generally, a chuuni acts like a mature know-it-all and/or thinks they have special powers no one else has, but some definitions even go as far as including being obnoxious, arrogant, and/or acting superior to the standard set of behaviours.
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