Entering Dream

  • A unique ability that allows him to live the life of an individual via dreams. Its not a simple dream as he actually lives the life of the said individual and can learn techniques that they possess.
  • While Song Shuhang is reliving a person's life, people with a sufficiently high cultivation whom he encounters can sense him.

Entire Life

Part of life

Eye Acupoint

Master Vision

  • The first ability awakened by Shuhang. Allows him to slow down his perception of time, so that things look like they are moving slower than they actually are. This makes dodging attacks, or deciding where to strike much easier. It is said that, as his cultivation increases, this ability will become less useful.

Mouth Acupoint

Illusory Voice

  • Usually this ability being paired together with 《Lion’s Roar》 for maximum effect.

Lotus Blossoming From the Tongue

  • An ability gained from consuming Golden Lotus Seed. At first, this ability was thought to be useless since it can only produce lotus flower and increase appetite. However he later found out that the ability could be used to create sabrerintent profound seeds from saber intent gras.s

With Good Teeth Comes A Good Appetite

  • An ability gained from consuming Evil Lotus Seed.
  • He can eat an attack and return it (Example: Fire Ball, Etc).[1]

Lotus Blooming at Every Step

  • Another ability gained from consuming Evil Lotus Seed.
  • He can create Dark Lotus step by step in the air (Limit 100)[1]

Will Never Waste Resurrection Item

  • Song Shuhang has a special attribute of dying many times. Until now he has died and resurrected numerous times.
  • Scarlet Firmament Sword noted that if he has a way to resurrect then his chances of dying increase. Moreover, he never wastes a chance of resurrection. That is to say, if he has a resurrection item that is applicable for sixth realm below then before reaching sixth realm he will absolutely use it up(i.e., he will die).
  • Shuhang is unaware of this attribute and zealously searches for resurrection items for security.
  • Strangely, the only method he didn't use to resurrect was one made by White 2 in the Netherworld, if shuhang were to die by heavenly punishment he would resurrect as a demon.

Deviant / Evil Arts

Almost any normal magecraft, after being learnt by Song Shuhang, will transform into some mutated variant. Even top level beings cannot understand or replicate these mutated magecrafts

Optimized magecraft level

for normal cultivators, the realm of a magecraft will determine its effect. For instance, if a 1st stage cultivator use a simplified 2nd stage magecraft, the power displayed is roughly that of 2nd stage. If a 8th stage man uses the 2nd stage magecraft, the power would be similar to 2nd stage.

for Shuhang, he will get whichever is higher. When 1st stage, using 2nd stage magecraft would be close to 2nd stage power. When using 2nd stage thunder palm when shuhang is 8th stage, his thunder palm is 8th or even higher stage in might.

Spirit Stone Debt to Senior White - IOUs

Here is a list of spirit stones that Song Shuhang is indebt to White. In an alternate timeline, Song Shuhang managed to clear all his debt, his karma, to White. However, this led to a nearly sad ending for the Nine Provinces (1) Group and Eternal Life Being Song Shuhang entering a 1,000 year long deep meditation out of guilt.

Type(s) Amount Basic Conversion Debt Reason Debt Chapter Payment - Chapter Current Debt Sum


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