Eighth Stage Profound Saint

My humble self is Tyrant Song, 18 years old this year. If I have offended anyone, do you want to come and beat me?
the seals, first coined by Soft Feather

5 + 1 Heavenly Tribulation

Song Shuhang in Heavenly Tribulation World

Due to schemes by his enemies, Shuhang was forced to transcend his tribulation unprepared together with five other people. The tribulation intensity was increased from Third to Fourth Heavenly Tribulation to Seventh to Eighth Heavenly Tribulation.

Therefore, Shuhang and the rest were dragged into the Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation.

Song Shuhang managed to survived the Heavenly Tribulation and thus became the Thousand Years’ First Saint, while at the same time his true realm was still Fourth Stage. Despite being a fake, Shuhang has the strength and abilities not only powerful enough to fight against established Profound Saints, but to defeat them handily.

Saint Seal

Tyrant Song

Saint Sermon

This sermon was considered as not an Eighth Stage Profound Saint Sermon, but a Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal Sermon instead.

Based on the quality of the sermon, it was speculated that Shuhang has a master of Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal or higher.

Karmic Virtue Manifestation

Song Shuhang’s Karmic Virtue Manifestation took shape as a peerles beauty and elegant empress.

Fourth Stage Inborn

Void Core

Song Shuhang’s void core wasn’t properly formed when he finished transcending the tribulation. A few days later, when he participated in the Rejection of the Mortal Body ceremony, only then the void core properly formed. His void core is ten times bigger than a normal void core and have the shape of a fat whale.

Immortal Bones

Compared to any other cultivator, Shuhang’s immortal bones needs around 4.5 times more energy to condense. However, despite the theoretically higher level of difficulty due to the energy requirement, the problem was solved unintentionally by absorbing the Demonic Tribulation Thunder, much to Shuhang’s dismay.

Living Items

Main article: Infallible Holy City & Doomsday’s Holy Sword

Nine Provinces (1) Group members was happy when they first heard Shuhang wants to cast the Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item, due to the fact it should take a long time to collect the materials. Theoretically it will slow down Shuhang’s cultivation speed and give more time for the ‘seniors’ to catch-up. Sadly, within just half a day, they saw Shuhang obtained no less than seven Eighth Stage materials for the Combined Magical Item.

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