This is me seeking death
Song Shuhang to Yu Jiaojiao[1]

Second Promotes Third Heavenly Tribulation

Despite its being a super rare 1:100 trillion tribulation, it was Shuhang most normal tribulation.

Song Shuhang was assisted by three powerhouses Chang’e, Coloured-Glass Scholar and White.[2]

Four Extraordinary Meridians

Star Bright Meridian 

  • (Chapter 789)

Song Shuhang took the Dragon Demon Medicine and made the Cocoon, went to sleep for 5 days when he wakes up realizes that his body is green and has a fragrant smell, Scallion Lady tells him that the hand advance that he had was made of Scallion buds and when drinking Dragon Demon Medicine melted and fused into the body of Shong Shuhang.

Song Shuhang inspects his body and discovers that his first meridian Star Bright Meridian was shining with a golden light which meant that he had successfully connected, and also discovered that in his Heart Accupoint there were Small Core whit Space Strength that are the "key" for create Minor Worlds.[3]

Moon Yin Meridian

  • (Chapter 821)

The Core in his Heart Accupoint absorbed the aura of the Nine Serenities that hid in the Jade Lake of the fragment of the Heavenly Court and had a mutation, Song Shuhang was dragged to his Heart Accupoint where he saw the '' Core '' with a Living Spring, Previously Song Shuhang had obtained Spirit Energy from Ye Si which was very close to breaking, when the Core had the mutation the Spirit Energy of Living Spring along with that of Ye Si Song Shuhang Could Breakthrough.

Sun Yang Meridian

  • (Chapter 890)

Song Shuhang used the Lotus Core World to absorb the energy of the Nine Serenities that was invading the 250th Branch of All the World's Monsters Together Become One Family.

Upon Awakening the next day he realized that he had Breakthrough a Minor Realm

Void King Meridian

  • (Chapter 948)

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