Normally speaking, legacies are extremely rare and one can only hope to catch a glimpse of them once in every 200 years. However, these legacies will find their way to Song Shuhang, one way or the other.

Legacies of the Heavenly Ways

For reasons yet unknown, each and every Heavenly Way will create legacies specifically for Song Shuhang before they abdicate they position.

Heavenly Way

Name Legacy
First Unknown Unknown, but speculated already encountered or obtained by Song Shuhang
Second Unknown
  1. A planet that looks like an eye
  2. Church of Doomsday
  3. Throne of Wealth Dispersal
Third Kui
  1. Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre
  2. Lotus Core World
  3. Ghost Divinity Fragment[1]
Fourth Unknown Unknown, but speculated already encountered or obtained by Song Shuhang
Fifth Unknown Unknown, but speculated already encountered or obtained by Song Shuhang
Sixth Daoist Karmic Virtue
  1. Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle
  2. Karmic Virtue Network
  3. Cloak of Invisibility
Seventh White
  1. Thirty Three Beasts Inborn Qi Art
  2. Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item
Eighth Liquid Metal Ball
  1. Heavenly Emperor
  2. Ancient Heavenly Court

Legacy of the Ruism Holy Man

Solitary Holy Pond

Main article: Solitary Holy Pond

Solitary Saint Pond was a secret formerly known only to the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals. The Eighth Ruler of the Nine Serenities has been trying to find its location ever since eons ago. Its existence was finally revealed to Song Shuhang by Glazed Scholar.

Eye of the Holy Man

Main article: Eye of the Holy Man

The Eye was safely hidden in an unknown location in the Dream World and guarded by the spirit of Fairy Good Fortune. Song Shuhang obtained the Eye on 23rd September 2019.

Song Shuhang normally used the Eye to launch the notorious «Pregnancy Gaze» attack. However, there are times when the Eye was used to communicate with the Holy Man.

Legacy of Demon Emperor Hezhi

Although they are archenemies with each other, Song Shuhang has obtained Demon Emperor Hezhi’s legacies.

108 Demon Columns

Chef’s Hearts

Unknown Legacies

 Broken Tyrant

Main article: Broken Tyrant

The sabre length is three feet and three inches. It was forged from heavy metal from a thunder pond, with extreme Yang attribute and extremely hard. Broken Tyrant once absorbed Fire of Heavenly Tribulation and Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre’s Flame of Phoenix.

Despite just a Fourth Stage weapon, Broken Tyrant has been used against Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation without suffering any damage at all. This is noteworthy due to even Seventh Stage items can be easily destroyed in the Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation.

Bone of Undying

Main article: Bone of Undying

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