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Lotus Core World is a legacy created by the Third Heavenly Way for Song Shuhang. He obtained the core world during an Entering Dream session. The Core World is connected to the Evil Lotus World and Golden Lotus World.

The Core World constantly absorbing spirit energy from the world and purifying it. As such, the Core World has an abundance spirit energy and considered as one of the best place to cultivate, even by White. The energy absorbed also used by the Core World for its expansion and upgrade.

Aside from spirit energy, the Core World able to absorb Nine Serenities energy and purify it instantly.

The energy will be divided as follow:

  1. Expansion and upgrade of the Core World itself
  2. Spread in the Core World
  3. Living spring
  4. Return back to Song Shuhang

Living Spring

New Century Spirit Spring Creation Machine

A sip from the spring can prolonged the life of its drinker by 50 years.

Even when compared with Cheng Lin’s Nacre Lake Heavenly Realm, the Living Spring is considered as the superior version between the two.

Time City

Although the Time City originally located in the Clear Water Pavilion, during the Battle of Clear Water Pavilion it was separated from the pavilion itself and was drifting in space. With Shuhang’s permission, Pavilion Lord Chu shifted the city into the Core World.

Aboveground City

Time flows more slowly in the Aboveground City, allowing people or objects within to be only a single day older after an entire month has passed.

Underground City

When Shuhang was forcefully transcending the Fourth Promotes Fifth Demonic Tribulation, he used the Underground City to give more time for his living items to be forged by Jasmine and her assistants.


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