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Song Shuhang practiced the arts from different systems yet he isn’t part of any of those systems.

Meditation Arts

True Self Meditation

Song Shuhang’s meditative art. It, along with the Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique, was one of his first techniques. It allows the user to train their mental energy. While using it, they will see a reflection of themselves, not just as they appear physically, but a reflection of their innermost selves. This reflection can change with various experiences, and the techniques they learn.

Song has also figured out how to use this technique to help hide himself from the senses of cultivators, though it's not the purpose of the technique.

Holy Man Moral Cultivation Code

A form of meditation technique of Ruism. It is used to help calm the heart and mind. It is practiced by writing out a specific poem in its entirety.

Mental Energy Techniques

Mental Detection

Allows the user to see in all directions, but how clearly they see depends on the strength of their mental energy, and their skill in wielding it.

Mental Oppression

A technique to overwhelm the mind of another with pure mental energy, rather than any form of qi. Will cause those of lower mental energy development to experience intense fear of the user. Completely useless against those of higher mental energy.


The user becomes aware of everything within and around themselves. Can help increase the speed of comprehension of techniques being practiced.

Mental Energy Brand Mark Technique

Uses mental energy to leave a mark or 'brand' on an object.

Imprint Sensing Method

Uses mental energy to sense objects that have been marked by Mental Energy Brand Mark Technique. Their mental energy strength determines their range of being able to sense the mark.

Body Tempering Arts

Song Shuhang has a very high affinity towards body tempering arts second to his sabre arts. According to the Shadow Thane, despite the fact Shuhang was a newly-promoted Sixth Stage True Monarch at that time, Song Shuhang’s body was stronger than any normal Eighth Stage Profound Saint.[1]

  1. «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art» (Shuhang's Top 3 Body Tempering Arts)
  2. «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body» (Shuhang's Top 3 Body Tempering Arts)
  3. «Variation Steel Hand» (Shuhang's Top 3 Body Tempering Arts)
  4. «Liquid Golden Body» (Shuhang's Top 4 Body Tempering Arts)
  5. «Acalavajrapani Body»

Acalavajrapani Body

«Acalavajrapani Body» is a First Stage body tempering art from the Vajrapani Temple.

In return for helping him finding massive ghost generals, Three Realms requested permission from his master, Abbot Fathom Mystery to teach Song Shuhang this skill.[2] After the coordinates were confirmed between Three Realms and White, the manual for the «Acalavajrapani Body» was sent via a flying sword along with a stowaway, Guoguo.[3]

He has practiced the «Acalavajrapani Body» to 'master' level, therefore, can practice the body tempering art without moving.[4]

When using Vajrapani Temple arts, Shuhang subsconsciously applies the «Acalavajrapani Body» to complete the «Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique» and its related arts.

Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art

Main Article: «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art»

One of the top two body tempering arts in All Heavens and Myriad Realms. Song Shuhang obtained this art from a Beast Realm’s white-haired cultivator, but only up to the Sixth Stage only.

Song Shuhang has a very high affinity and compatibility with this art. Ever since Song Shuhang started to practice this art, he obtained an ape phantom on daily basis, when other practitioners needs more than ten years just to obtain one. The number of the apes also wasn’t constrained to his present realm like any other practitioners of the art. He already condensed 40 phantoms while he just a Fifth Stage when normally the maximum limit is 10 phantoms for that particular stage.

This art mutated and assimilated with «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body», resulting with the ape phantoms wearing scholar robes and holding a Ruism sutra.

Afterwards, as part of payment for his assistance towards Beast Realm, Song Shuhang obtained the full authentic version until Ninth Stage from Saint Monarch Blue Luan, and a chance to comprehend the final step in a Holy Mountain.[5]

Moments after he received the manual from Blue Luan, he immediately condensed a phantom, this time the process was clearly shown, which left Blue Luan flabbergasted, since it doesn’t follow the normal way for a phantom to be condensed.

Shuhang also took the chance to ask for clarifications for certain issues and problems he has about the divine art, since he doesn’t have a mentor to guide him. After receiving the explanations, Shuhang immediately condensed another five phantoms, much to Blue Luan’s shock.[6]

Ruism’s Vajrapani Body

Main Article: «Ruism’s Vajrapani Body»

One of the top two body tempering arts in All Heavens and Myriad Realms. Song Shuhang obtained this art from the secretive Solitary Holy Pond. This art was personally chosen for Shuhang and deemed as the most compatible with him by the Holy Man’s legacy.

This art mutated and assimilated with «Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art», providing scholar robes and Ruism sutras to the ape phantoms.

Once a new Holy Ape phantom was formed, the big ape will lead the rest of the apes chanting verses from the scripture in their hands. As the scripture was being read, Righteous Qi of the Heaven and Earth will start to condense alongside many wondrous phenomena, and finally transform into a new scripture for the new ape. The abundant Righteous Qi will also transform into a set of scholarly garment.

Stage Theoretically Maximum Quantity[7] Actual Quantity Formation[8] Event Notes
Fourth Stage 1 Battle of Revenge
  • A big Holy Ape was given to Shuhang by White Two.
  • Holy Ape obtained a scripture and scholarly robe.
Fifth Stage 10 11 Battle of Immortal Food Feast
21 [9]
Sixth Stage 30 43
66 Battle of Ruism
88 Divine Dragon Acknowledgement
  • Holy Apes obtained a dragon tattoo each.
108 Purgatory Tunnel

, [10],


Crystal World
  • Dragon tattoos changed into dragon shadows and encircling the Holy Apes.[10]
Seventh Stage 70 133 心, 忍 Evil Lotus World
199 Immemorial Demonic Tribulation
Eighth Stage 200
Ninth Stage 400 – 500

Steel Hands Technique

A Body Tempering Art that can be practiced by a cultivator of the Second Stage, this technique can likewise strengthen the constitution of a cultivator, though it possesses a shortcoming in that it consumes a large amount of true qi doing so.[13]

When practiced successfully, it allows the users hands to become impervious to swords, spears and immune to heat and cold, granting them the durability of steel. It develops superhuman strength in both arms and allows for the user to clash barehanded against magical treasures of the Second Stage rank. Primarily meant to aide in smithing, it's a unique skill originating from a weapon-forging sect, the Heavy Metal Sect. It's estimated cost was several spirit stones of the Fifth Stage.[14]

When Shuhang tried using it after he was turned into slime form by Exterminating Phoenix, the effect went beyond his hands and covered his entire body. This improvement is retained even after his body returned to normal.

It later evolved variant art to turning Shuhang into a pair of floating muscular metalic arms to completely metalic Shuhang's entire body.

Liquid Golden Body

A secret body tempering art that Karma mode Shuhang 'devoured'[15] from Liquid Metal Ball's Heavenly Remains that allows a malleable strengthen body. Combined with his variation «Steel Hand», Shuhang's body becomes a pitch black version of Liquid Metal Ball.[16]

Breathing Art

Turtle Breathing Art

This technique allows a person to reduce the number of breaths they need to take within a given amount of time, allowing them to survive on a fraction of the air. Practitioners of sufficient skill can even take less than one breath a day.

Eye Arts

Pregnancy Gaze of the Left Eye

Main Article: «Pregnancy Gaze»

At first Song Shuhang obtained the Eye of the Holy Man during an Entering Dream session.[17]

Afterwards, the magecraft’s structure and rune were taught to Shuhang directly by the Holy Man during an Entering Dream session. [18] This magecraft gave Shuhang his notorious reputation in All Heavens and Myriad Realms after he unknowingly casted it during his Sermon, causing every practitioner present at the event to experience its horrendous (and hilarious) effects. The gaze’s power is also transmittable through recordings, resulting in even more unfortunate victims, especially practitioners who have just ended their secluded training to partake in Shuhang’s ‘sermon’.

Embryo Gaze of the Right Eye

Main Article: «Embryo Gaze»

A skill obtained by Shuhang after he finished his Profound Demon Sermon. [18] Used as a follow-up after «Pregnancy Gaze».

Appraisal Technique

This technique is one Song Shuhang gains during his visit to the Clear Water Pavilion. It allows him to gain information on any object he touches, with runes flying from his eyes, which then form a clock face which counts down seconds, before returning to his eyes. He will then be given the information. At first, use of this technique causes intense pain, and injuries to form on his body, the greater the wealth of information, or the older the object is, the greater the pain and injury. Also, the technique will manifest spontaneously, with Song having little to no control over it. Wearing gloves seems to help, but will not completely prevent the technique's spontaneous activation. Sometimes the technique, when activated, will affect Song's ghost spirit instead of himself, or when his ghost spirit activates the technique, Song will be injured instead.

Fist Arts

Song Shuhang's fist arts come from the Vajrapani Temple. These fist arts earned Shuhang affection from the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master.

Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique

«Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique» of its complete 18 styles was given (USB files) to Shuhang by Medicine Master as payment for observing on how Shuhang prepares the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid and the Poisonous Dragon Grass gift.

The technique is a set of very strong punches that, when performed properly, can allow a person to crack the air with their fists. It is for Hundred Days of Foundation Building, however, through the Vajrapani Temple's Legacy, it becomes a foundation for powerful fist combat even at higher cultivation stages. It becomes more powerful by combining other techniques and magecraft originating from the Vajrapani Temple, such as the Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal.

Vajrapani Demon-Subduing Fist Technique

The more advanced version of «Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique» of eight styles, it is both a Fist and Cultivation technique. Song Shuhang has learned the first two styles appropriate for Second and Third Stage Cultivators. The technique is extraordinarily powerful against creatures of the Netherworld, and if combined with the light of Karmic Virtue, will create a giant figure of the user, with their effects magnifying each other.

Great Whale Spraying

Palm Arts

Variation Steel Hand

Main Article: «Song Shuhang - Skills (Steel Hand)»

Thunder Palm

Main Article: «Song Shuhang - Skills (Thunder Palm)»

A thunder art palm usage magecraft.

Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal

Main Article: «Song Shuhang - Skills (Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal)»

A great hand seal palm art and Third Stage secret technique of the Vajrapani Temple.

Karmic Virtue

Song Shuhang’s strength of Karmic Virtue was so strong that it even impressed Northern Great Emperor, who was known as one of the top five strongest powerhouse in the Ancient Heavenly Court. At that time, Shuhang only practiceing and accumulating Karmic Virtue just for three to four months. [19]Ever since his first Sermon, Song Shuhang’s strength of Karmic Virtue keep on increasing non-stop.

Even if Shuhang didn’t receive any additional strength of Karmic Virtue for his Saint Sermon, it was speculated that his pre-existing strength of Karmic Virtue already strong enough to withstand the Heart Demon’s tribulation. With his Sermons' Karmic Virtue and Fairy @#%×'s evolutions, his Karmic Virtue forced his Heart Demon to willing surrender and serve him as a Heart Demon ingredients supplier.

His Karmic Virtue is used as a replacement for Holy Light resistance effects and attacks.

Ksitigarbha Ferries the Soul Scripture

More commonly called the Soul Ferrying technique, this is the method with which Buddhists exorcise ghosts, sending them to the afterlife. Song Shuhang found this art by reading aloud the record of a Buddhist monk’s travels and suffering, which forced him to undergo the same trials as the monk, eventually gaining this technique. The technique comes from the Vajrapani Temple to help soul ferry and obtain Strength of Karmic Virtue.

Every time this technique is used, it will increase his Strength of Karmic Virtue by a certain amount, depending on the number and strength of the ghosts he exorcises with it. Under Song Shuhang's variation affect, the Scripture evolved to ferry any detached soul. However, because of its target conditions and low rate of acquiring Strength of Karmic Virtue, Shuhang rarely used this art after the Battle of Revenge (Fourth Stage) until the Battle of the Dream Realm (Eighth Stage)[20].

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty

When using the Soul Ferrying technique on Fairy @#%×, Shuhang gained enough Karmic Virtue that it went through a qualitative change and became a half dragon half match-stick person. As he gained more virtue, the matchstick evolved and changed to have Fairy @#%× appearance and its own will. After an encounter with Eat Melon she also got a whale mount of karmic virtue. The Karmic Virtue humanoid manifested is Fairy @#%× herself, who luckly cultivated a legacy Karmic Virtue Way art developed by the Sixth Heavenly Way.

With becoming Shuhang's Karmic Virtue, Fairy @#%×'s personality and habits become more death seeking and freer because of her semi-undying existence. She has the tendency to spout Song Shuhang's lines based on unknown TV dramas and Shuhang's past words. Her cultivated habit is playing dead to the level of deceiving Eternal Life Beings. She also has excellent talent playing the zither as part of the Tyrant Song Chorus.

Karmic Virtue Fat Whale

Formed after encountering Eat Melon's Karmic Virtue body ascension ceremony's pay fee, the Karmic Virtue Fat Whale is used by Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty as transportation, cushion or extra mouth swallowing. It is notable for swallowing White-haired Old Man in the Battle of Clear Water Pavilion. Those swallowed by Karmic Virtue Fat Whale are gradually healed and traumatized by the swallowing experience. The Karmic Virtue Fat Whale later gained wings.

Because the Karmic Virtue Fat Whale was created from Eat Melon's Karmic Virtue body, its is possible to use it to bind Eighth to Ninth Stage transcending Eat Melon as a temporarily freeloading Karmic Virtue soldier pawn under Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty's control.

Karmic Virtue Thunder Tree

Formed from his Seventh Stage Sermon's Karmic Virtue as a manifestation of Song Shuhang's Heavenly Tribulation and Punishment thunders. It is used as a buff for his Thunder Arts, notably Thunder Palm. It is Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty's main weapon with its conception.

Movement Arts

Song Shuhang’s Movement Arts are from the Ruism

Virtuous Noble Travels For Ten Thousand Miles

"Reading the books is inferior to travelling through a path of ten thousand miles"

This art was taught to Song Shuhang by White as part of his rewards for receiving and guiding him experiencing the mortal world. It becomes more useful the further the user has traveled with the technique.

Heavenly Bodies Moving Without Rest

The follow-up technique to «Virtuous Noble Travels for Ten Thousand Miles». It requires the practitioner to have fully mastered «Virtuous Noble Travels for Ten Thousand Miles» before they can learn Sky Walking Strength. It is dependent upon the user's strong constitution, and can be considered both a Movement Art and a Body Tempering Art. Where Virtuous Noble Travels for Ten Thousand Miles is more suited for long distance travel, Sky Walking Strength uses a strong body for instant acceleration giving bursts of speed more useful in combat situations.

Far-flung Realms As Next Door

Eventually learned from Daozi

Sabre Arts

Song Shuhang is a super genius of the Way of Sabre, that will make a normal genius looks like an idiot. From the scale of 0 to 10, if a normal genius’ talent is a 9 or a 10, Shuhang’s talent is 20.[21]

According to Pavilion Lord Chu, there is no apparent reason for his abnormal talent for the Way of Sabre at all. It’s like a hidden attribute.

His abnormal talent with sabres let him adapt and improve every sabre technique he comes across, often making them ridiculously strong.

Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre

Main Article: «Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre»

«Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre» is Eternal Life Being Scarlet Firmament’s signature move, and personally taught to Song Shuhang during an Entering Dream. When used with either Scarlet Firmament Sword or Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre, the attack strength can easily achieve Eighth Stage level.

Inverted Scale Sabre Technique

Song Shuhang obtained the incomplete manual for this technique from Chu Kangbo, after he has saved the Chu Aristocratic Family. Unlike most saber techniques, this one has no offensive skills among its known techniques, only defensive.

  • Dragon Dance Form
  • Dragon Scale Form
  • Inverted Scale Form

After forming his saber intent, this technique shaped it like a full body armor that could receive a certain amount of damage before it attacked back with a lot of strength.

Song Shuhang eventually obtained the complete manual for the Inverted Scale Sabre Technique in exchange for Sabre Condensing Lotus Seeds and two Life Insurances from Fairy Any Goods Can Have.[22]

Blast Sabre

Controlling Sabre – Moonlight

«Controlling Sabre – Moonlight» Seven self-created sabre control art.

Sabre Escape – Tyrant King

«Sabre Escape – Tyrant King» Seven self-created sabre flight art.

Raising Sabre Art

This technique is one of Shuhang's most famous Evil arts, it was learned by Shuhang through Su clan's Seven's young self Su Xian while having Entering Dream. At that time, Seven was still a kid and was being taught in the way of the saber, but his mentor made a little joke saying that the peak of raising saber art was transforming the blade into a fairy maiden, presenting his wife as an example (but it was, in fact, a secret technique that makes the user transform into a Sabre temporarily, later learned by Sixteen which she used to become shuhang's own Way item).

The base technique was to slowly infuse "love" into the blade to strength it, it was a hard and long process but the blade will gain a lot of power (it's referred as a rather mainstream technique, variants of other weapons exist as well like raising sword art).

Shuhang took an unsurprising weird path with the Art (as usual with other saber techniques he learned), he could infuse "cheap love" into a blade, making it possible to indefinitely combo infuse "love" into the item to strengthen it, later, he used various of his skills at once to further power the technique to the point where Scarlet firmament's sword became a humanoid that could switch between forms and cultivate, making it possible to surpass his limit and become a Way item.

When Shuhang met Fifth Heavenly Way's Reincarnation Sabre Way Item, he learned that the technique wasn't supposed to make swords or sabers acquire a human form, but Shuhang's 'love' belief in it made it possible.

The Evil Art became a magical item refreshing massage technique that adds +1 favor Song Shuhang per hit, to the level of infusing definite potential awakening in magical items and allowing them to evolve. Targeted items become similar to Shuhang's nurtured adoptive children. The Evil Art has a passive effect of radiating and increasing favorability with Shuhang to those nearby the target item depending on the target item's radiance. As a result, borrowed target items from numerous powerhouses induce good karma and relations between Shuhang and their owners, leading to building a "cultivation chat" route.

This Evil Art scared even Eternal Life Being Number One Hammer Under the Heaven to the point of desiring to hasten his upgrading process to run away from becoming "in love" through his own items with Shuhang.

When straight faced version Senior White Doppelganger learned of the technique after a few days of observing and studying Shuhang, he tried to mimic this version of the techniqueon Shuhang himself. To their surprise, it not only give Shuhang the refreshing feeling, but it almost exploded him and gave him so much pain even though his pain tolerance was already high at the Sixth Stage Realm.

Saber of Cause and Effect

Shuhang learned this technique from Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword after they fought a weaker avatar of the Primal Chaos Will in the Black Dragon World. This avatar used a spear instead of a saber but the principle of cause and effect can be applied to all weapons. This technique twists reality such that the person being cut doesn't perceive an attack from a specific direction.

Variation: Sabre of Seven Karma

Shuhang used this variation of the skill due his unique cultivation. Given that he has 7 little gold cores, 7 threads of karma connected him to 7 big-shots, (White, White Two, Holy Man, Pavilion Lord Chu, Heavenly Emperor, Kui, Lady Kunna) which allowed them to transfer skill, energy, or experience. Shuhang thought that this skill isn't even like the original skill but more like a skill that allows to use the strength of the ancestors.

Saber of Mercy

This technique is the culmination of Shuhang's way of sabre up to the early Sixth Stage. Inspired mainly by preparing a Heavenly Tribulation as a dish from Demon Emperor Hezhi's Immortal Chef Legacy and Shuhang's Raising Sabre Art, he pursued an attack-type saber intent that can be used to improve the ingredients and/or target his opponent's weaknesses. This technique improved the ingredients taste so much so that Shadow Thane awarded Shuhang 80 points for his dish even though it was his first time making it.

Saber Braids Art

Pavillion master Chu taught him a little technique to manipulate his hair after he used Hair growing art to use it as hands, without mentioning it was based on a saber technique, after shuhang mastered it he could use it to cast raising saber art. in his final form, shuhang could use hundreds of hands to cast Raising Saber Art, making it possible to subdue any item in All heavens and myriad realms, even a seal cast by a nine serenities ruler.

Controlling Sabre - Waning Sabre

This technique was given to Shuhang by True Monarch Eternal Fire as initial reward after the Battle of Ruism. This is a genuine True Monarch level Sabre technique that Ruism has and is saved in 2GB file size including the comprehensions of Ruism's predecessors who studied the technique. It is commonly used with Double Sabres to attack with a saber intent following the number of the user's fingers using the sabers. Upon learning this hidden principle, Shuhang suggested to use his 20 Saber Braids Art hands as proxy for hands.

Gigante Sabre Form Transformation

During his battle with the Fifth Heavenly Way's mark in the Heavenly Way transcending dimension, Song Shuhang witnessed the Fifth Heavenly Way's Gigante Sabre Form Transformation technique.[23] Without the core heart of the technique, Song Shuhang's sudden desire, Song Two's influence and sabre talent allowed him to later imitate the technique's form durng his battle with other Heavenly Ways' marks, thereby, transforming into a smaller 10,000 kilometer long Gigante Sabre. Upon seeing Shuhang's easy form comprehension of the Gigant Sabre Form Tranformation, Way item Reincarnation Blade promised (intent to establish karma) to teach Shuhang the true core heart of the technique after he becomes the Ninth Heavenly Way.

Sword Art

The exact opposite of his talent in the Way of Sabre, Song Shuhang will make a talent-less person in the Way of the Sword looks like a genius. From the scale of 0 to 10, if a normal talent-less person’s talent is a 0 or a 1, Shuhang’s talent is -10.[21]

Holy Light Sword Art

Song Shuhang obtained the sword art from the Tomb of Venerable Sixth Path. It is a western sword technique that channels holy light into a sword strike, making it very useful against ghosts and undead. He passed it to Joseph after discovering his ridiculous talent with Holy Light. Because the West does not differentiate between saber and sword as separate weapons, Shuhang comprehended the 'Sword' Art with ease.

Temporary Sword Controlling Technique

A technique that allows a cultivator of the Fourth Stage or higher to grant temporary control over a flying sword to a cultivator below Fourth Stage. This is done by placing an array on a flying sword, and filling it with the senior cultivator's energy. This will allow the junior cultivator to be able to control the sword, though the energy drains quickly to the point that this technique has very little use.

Mouth Arts

Lion’s Roar

This Buddhist technique allows the user to enhance their voice enormously, to the point where it can either be used to be heard a great distance away, or cause massive injuries to those nearby. He learned it from Scallion Lady, who had learned it from Nine Lanterns.

Secret Voice Transmission

This technique allows one to speak to another nearby person without anyone else being able to hear what they are saying. Even allowing speech between cultivators in the airless realm of space.

Lotus Blossoming Tongue

This technique allows one to create a white lotus from their tongue. It stimulates someone's hunger, White said that he couldn't eat anything after eating Bie Xue's cooking but he said this stimulated his stomach. True Monarch Eternal Fire said it was "very delicious to eat."

Thunder Arts

Charging Art

«Charging Art» is a magecraft created by Mad Sabre Three Waves, it was simplified, improved and optimized by White for Song Shuhang.

This magecraft mainly used to recharge smartphones. However, it also can be used to recharge electric scooter.

In Shuhang's improvement, it is used as a healing art through electrotherapy.

Thunder Attraction Art

Technique to summon (polarize) lightning from the sky.

Thunder Palm

This magecraft was simplified, improved and optimized by White for Song Shuhang. Despite being a Third Stage art, Shuhang can use this art when he just a First Stage cultivator. It was further improved after Shuhang witnessed Heavenly Tribulation and affected it. It's one of Shuhangs more powerful techniques and most cultivators deny the magecraft to be Thunder Palm due to the art's original definition and potential. It has different thunder ball levels based on geographical size and might.

Heavenly Master Genuine Technique: Thunder Technique Chapter

  • A Thunder
  • Two Thunder
  • Three Thunder
  • Four Thunder
  • Five Thunder

Thunderlight Finger

Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal

A great hand seal palm art that summons Heavenly Punishment lightning and condenses a Buddhist hand seal to attack with. It is a Third Stage secret technique of the Vajrapani Temple. Combined with Vajrapani Temple's fist arts, the «Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal» evolves to strength beyond the Third Stage without limits depending on the user's foundation and thunder comprehension. Before the Battle of Ruism, Song Shuhang learned this magecraft from a Vajrapani Temple manual provided by Daozi, who obtained it from the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master, founder of the Vajrapani Temple. This thunder-fire art was also a test for Vajrapani Temple disciples in the past.

Fire Arts

Fire Control Art

A basic technique that even First Stage cultivators can use. It allows one to manipulate the size and intensity of flames. Generally used to manufacture medicines.

Fire from the Void Technique

Technique to summon flames from thin air.

Cultivation Techniques

Thirty Three Beasts Inborn Qi Art - Great Whale Chapter

This technique allows Song Shuhang to cultivate, and create a fake inborn true qi to replace the inborn true qi that he was born with, but had faded from his body. It also allows Song Shuhang to refine spirit beasts, improving their quality. At first, Song Shuhang had access to the First Stage to Third Stage levels and later obtained up to the Fifth Stage then Ninth Stage levels of the art.

Whale Swallowing Art

A supplementary technique of the «Thirty Three Beasts Inborn Qi Art», it increases the strength and toughness of the teeth, mouth, and digestive system, allowing the user to consume spirit beast crystals. This will allow them to use spirit beast crystals to cultivate as if they were spirit stones. Later, shuhang's core became a fat whale that could shallow energy and other treasures to be converted to golden cores, this led to shuhang's 8 golden cores and his 2 "plug-in" cores (the former Holy man's eyes).

Chat Group Doppelgänger Art

«Chat Group Doppelgänger Art»

A difficult moderate doppelganger art used by many older, higher stage members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group to create synched chat bots while continuing cultivation simultaneously. Some members modified the art to be varied unique, mixing in puppets or memory personalities for interesting or thorough chat bots.

Spiritual Body Splitting True Scripture

«Spiritual Body Splitting True Scripture»

Cosmetic Techniques

Hair Growing Technique

Learned from Dharma King Good Fortune, allows the user to grow their hair instantly. Unfortunately the technique is incomplete as the length it will grow is completely random, anywhere from an inch or two, to over a meter in length.

Stealth Techniques

Hide Own Aura

This technique allows a cultivator to temporarily suppress their aura in order to not overwhelm weaker cultivators with it. Can be used to completely hide their aura, making them seem like a normal mortal, or to cause them to appear to be of a lower cultivation stage. The first is compared to holding their breath, while the second is compared to breathing more slowly. Both can only be managed for short periods of time, with the first being the more difficult of the two.

A well known technique among cultivators.

Detection Techniques

Capture Aura

Allows the user to sense the aura of another cultivator, the greater the mastery, the longer the range. True masters of the technique can even sense cultivators in other dimensions. Similar to the Mental Detection technique, but much more powerful, and uses both mental and qi energy.

A well known technique among cultivators.


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