Southern Great Emperor is a powerful Eternal Life Being and one of the Four Directional Great Emperors of the Ancient Heavenly Court.


Ancient Heavenly Court

Li Jing was known to be the Heavenly Emperor’s ardent supporter.

South Autumn Temple

The South Autumn Temple was Li Jing’s abode in the Ancient Heavenly Court. After the destruction of the Court, the Temple fall into the sea near the West Orchid Island. For thousands of years, it falls into a slumber.

After the revival of the Heavenly Emperor, Li Jing sent a strike force to recover the South Autumn Temple. However, the team was hindered by Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and Saint Monarch White who were overseeing Su Kongyun’s Second Promotes Third Heavenly Tribulation. After a short but destructive battle, the strike force retreated after being dealt some serious damage by the defenders and the threat from Eternal Life Being Scarlet Firmament who came as a reinforcement.


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