Southern Longevity Sword Sect was a major sect based on Earth.

Battle of Severing Immortal

Southern Longevity Sword Sect sent two Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign as platform guardians and referees for the battle.

Immortal Food Feast

Southern Longevity Sword Sect is the sponsor for the 2019’s Immortal Food Feast. The sect provided a secret realm as the venue of the feast.

As the sponsor, the sect obtained ⅓ of the emptied seat, equalling to eight seats. The sect gave one seat each to Saint Monarch Tyrant Song and Saint White for their help in restoring the destroyed secret realm.

During the Discussion of the Way, elders of the sect provided the Profound Saints with the best immortal tea they have.

Known Members

Sect Master

Sect Master once had an argument with his dao companion and said he wanted to break off their dao companion relationship in a fit of anger. But when the time came for them to officially divorce, it had been reported that the great sect master knelt for a whole day on the Everlasting Vajra Durian, and yelled the words “I was wrong, please forgive me” ten thousand times.[1]

The sect master had always given others the impression of a fierce man, and he was an audacious man. His masculinity was popular amongst female cultivators; while his dao companion always gave others the impression of being soft and gentle like water.



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