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Welcome to the Cultivation Chat Group Wiki! This is the Community page, a list of the Wiki's current goals as well as some community guidelines. It is also where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.

How to help out

First Steps

Things to do

  • Proofread articles. Grammar, references, format, and vandalism always need to be checked and improved. Proofreading and adding references is our biggest priority. Simply read over any page and correct grammar and add references for any specific information.
  • If you find an issue that needs immediate attention consider contacting an administrator.
  • Categorize pages found at Special:UncategorizedPages.
  • Create links to some orphaned pages.
  • Add article pages to categories listed in Special:Categories or create a useful new category.
  • Create an article you think the Cultivation Chat Group Wiki needs! You can find some at Special:WantedPages.
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