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Spirit Butterfly was an established Spirit Venerable from Earth. He was the founder and the lord of Spirit Butterfly Island. At the start of the novel, Spirit Venerable Spirit Butterfly was considered as one of the top ten candidates in All Heavens and Myriad Realms to breakthrough to the Eighth Stage Profound Saint.[1]

Spirit Butterfly also has started to grasp the principles of space while still in this stage, despite it was a Tribulation Immortal’s ability.[2]

Name and Aliases

Spirit Butterfly

Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s dao name wasn’t ‘Spirit Butterfly’ since the beginning. Only after he established his personal island, the Spirit Butterfly Island, did he change his dao name to match it.[4]

Saint Monarch Spirit Butterfly

Thousand Years’ Eleventh Saint


Spirit Butterfly appeared as a middle aged man who wears green-coloured clothes.[5] He was so handsome that people probably didn’t feel worthy of being his friends.[6]


Senior, saying that you fuss about every single detail is hardly a compliment! Is it really alright for you to be so proud of it?
Song Shuhang’s inner monologue[7]

Spirit Butterfly was a forthright and kind senior. However, while Spirit Butterfly was a good man, he liked to fuss over every single detail. He might argue with you over some hardly noticeable matter for half a day.[8][2]

Arms Dealer

Spirit Butterfly was a a well-known arms dealer in Europe and the US. On the Spirit Butterfly Island, there were all kinds of modern weaponry.[3]

Eighth Stage Profound Saint

Spirit Butterfly successfully transcended the Seventh Promote Eighth Heavenly Tribulation and became the Thousand Years’ Eleventh Saint, Saint Monarch Spirit Butterfly.[9]

Saint Seal

Saint Sermon

Karmic Virtue Manifestation

Battle for Heavenly Astral

Throne of Wealth Dispersal


Soft Feather

Spirit Butterfly was known to have a daughter-complex. Mad Sabre Three Waves was tormented by him for days for making indiscreet remarks at Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang

That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend yet!
An angry Spirit Butterfly watching the scenes of his daughter and his arc enemy’s first meeting.[10]

Spirit Butterfly has a love and hate feelings towards Song Shuhang. He is threatened by Song Shuhang’s relationship with Soft Feather. Moreover, due to the chief criminal’s seven dao names, he was forced to think up a new Dao Name for Soft Feather every day of the year, much to his chagrin.

During the event of Battle for Heavenly Astral, rumours start flying about the possibility of his daughter and his arc enemy are dao companions, much to Spirit Butterfly's dismay.[11]

I don’t care whether you have become a Heavenly Way or not, anyone who made my daughter cry must pay!
An angry Spirit Butterfly sharpening his sword.[12]

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