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Spirit Butterfly Island was a mysterious island that had never appeared on any map of the world.


It was located at the intersection of Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. The island was concealed by supernatural forces that prevented humans from snooping near it. Even the most advanced equipment could not find any trace of the island.[1]

To ensure that the Spirit Butterfly Island remained a mysterious place, Venerable Spirit Butterfly used to shift its position at intervals of hundred years.[2]


Surface-to-air missile

The Spirit Butterfly Island’s airspace was protected by surface-to-air missiles. These missiles were hidden all around the island.[3]

Notable Members

Spirit Butterfly

The founder and leader of the sect.

Liu Jianyi

Liu Jianyi

Jiu Gu

Jiu Gu

Soft Feather

One sect with two Saints![4]

Song Shuhang

One sect with three Saints![5]

During the Battle for Heavenly Astral, both Profound Saint Tyrant Song and Ancient Saint Spirit Butterfly showed of their respective mini suns, the Throne of the Rising Sun and the Solar Barge.[4][5]

On the immediate right of Tyrant Song’s Throne of the Rising Sun’s centre throne, there is a clear silhouette of the Ancient Saint Spirit Butterfly, while on the Ancient Saint Spirit Butterfly’s Solar Barge, there are the silhouettes of the Ancient Saint Spirit Butterfly and Profound Saint Tyrant Song.[5]

The silhouettes on these two suns leading to rumours that Tyrant Song and Ancient Saint Spirit Butterfly are dao companions, thus making Song Shuhang as the third saint of the Spirit Butterfly Island.[5]


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