Spirit Rice actually ordinary rice that was cultivated with the water from a spiritual spring. The ashes of spirit beasts were used as fertilizer and so on until it changed into spirit rice. It’s very useful to strengthen the qi and blood of the disciples of the First Stage.[1]

Sales & Purchases

Spirit rice can be bought at a cultivators’ street market easily at a standard price of just one First Stage spirit stone per bag. However, it was sold in bulk, with each order is 100,000 bags minimum.[1]

Song Shuhang’s Purchase

At first, Song Shuhang just wanted to buy a few bags at most, while the seller expected him to order at least 10,000 bags, the minimum quantity reduced to Venerable White’s face. Finally, the seller agreed to the order of 1,000 bags. White also paid for the purchase.[2]

Due to Shuhang lacking the place to store those spirit rice, White borrowed a multi-storied building in Wenzhou from Firefly Stream to store the 1,000 bags of spirit rice.[2]


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