Spirit Transforming Ruins (化灵遗迹; Huà Líng Yíjī) was a secret realm found by Way Monarch Li during one of his ruins exploration.

Immortal Body Channel

Immortal body channel (仙身通道; xiān shēn tōngdào) was a hidden secret path accessible from a stone stele. This path was 2 km long and have a special body tempering effect.

Yellow Mountain, a newly promoted Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable, was exhausted with some breather while Way Monarch Li, a peak Sixth Stage True Monarch, was totally exhausted just after 500 steps.[1]

This path bypassed five floors and went straight to the sixth floor.[2]


Nothing much was known about the ruins since Song Shuhang just blitz through it, while carrying both Yellow Mountain and Way Monarch Li on his shoulders.[3]

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Sixth Floor

There was a very powerful sword qi array protecting this floor. This array was one of the reason why Way Monarch Li has been searching for a meat shield.[3]

Seventh Floor

There was a very powerful Five Elements array protecting this floor.[3]

Eighth Floor

There was a very powerful mantra attack protecting this floor.[3]

Ninth Floor

There was an attack that strangely targeting at astral projection.[2]

Tenth Floor

This floor was totally empty. During an earlier exploration, Way Monarch Li has thoroughly combed this floor, and left no stone unturned.[2]

Eleventh Floor

The eleventh floor is the hidden floor. Its entrance will open randomly once a month.[2]


Song Shuhang was thinking to move the entire ruins into his Lotus Core World by using the «Holy Ape Refining the World».[3]

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