Spirit Veined Jade Tea is the spirit tea that is most commonly served by cultivators to receive guests.[1]


It contains very little Spiritual Qi, but the tea is full of fragrance, with a rich taste that can last for a long time, it’s the most economic tea for entertaining guests.[1]

Moreover, one can drink it by themselves if they feel like it and it can even one’s strengthen physique. Although the effects aren’t as miraculous as pills, Spirit Veined Jade Tea’s price is cheaper than pills by thousands of times.[1]

Mortal Consumption

Spirit Veined Jade Tea is safe for mortal’s consumption, provided consumed in limited quantity. Its two tea leaves a cup and only a cup per day.[2]


Soft Feather has her own special blend of the Spirit Veined Jade Tea. Her father, Spirit Venerable Spirit Butterfly switched the special homemade tea leaves she prepared for Song Shuhang with normal leaves.[3]

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