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Spirit Venerable is the seventh stage of cultivations and considered as a senior-level character in the Cultivation World. During ancient times, prior to the Ancient Antiquity Era, this stage was only known as the Nascent Soul Realm. Only since the Ancient Antiquity Era this stage was known as the ‘Seventh Stage’ (七品; Qī Pǐn).[1] Only Spirit Sovereigns or higher can sense the strength of a Venerable.[2]

In All Heavens and Myriad Realms, due to several great tribulations it faced before, it’s rare to see a living a Seventh Stage.[3] Even in large sects, cultivators of the Venerable Realm would have the position of a very high-ranking elder. Ordinary cultivators would rarely get the chance to see a living Venerable.[4]

Its common for a newly promoted Spirit Venerable to be interviewed by the various news outlets.

Term of Address

They normally addressed as

  • Spirit Venerable (灵尊; Líng Zūn)
  • Demon Venerable (魔尊; Mó Zūn); used by Demons of the Nine Serenities and practitioners from demon sect.
  • Venerable (尊者; Zūnzhě)

During this stage, a practitioner may change his Dao Name.

Sixth Promotes Seventh Tribulation

To achieve this stage, a practitioner must have at least middle grade gold core with five dragon marks during the Fifth Stage and Six Layers of Heaven during the Sixth Stage.[5][6] 

Nascent Soul

Once the nascent soul (元婴; yuán yīng) opened its eyes for the first time, it mark the moment for the cultivator to step into the Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable Realm officially. The nascent soul will direct the Sixth Promotes Seventh Heavenly Tribulation. After the cultivator successfully transcended the tribulation, the nascent soul will close its eyes, saving its strength silently.[7]


Great Sun True Fire Tribulation (大日真火劫; dà rì zhēn huǒ jié) was the strongest Heavenly Tribulation attack that can arrive at the present world. Any stronger, the attack and the tribulation transcender will be shifted to the Eighth Stage Heavenly Tribulation World or its equivalent.[8]

Modernized Tribulation

Song Shuhang estimated the strength of the Heavenly Tribulation atomic bomb is around 200 megaton TNT equivalent.[9]

Classification of the Stage

Type Sub-type Number of Layers of Heaven Maximum Stage[10] Notes Ref.
Ordinary None Six Layers of Heaven Seventh Stage [11]
Seven  Layers of Heaven
VIP Ordinary Eight Layers of Heaven Eighth Stage [12]
High Level Nine Layers of Heaven Ninth Stage [12]
Supreme Ten Layers of Heaven Eternal Life Being [12]

Minor Realms

Currently, not much is known about the minor realms due to the fact that this stage is the least explored among the Nine Stages of Cultivations.

Nine Layers of Nascent Soul

Nine Layers of Nascent Soul (九重元婴; jiǔ chóng yuán yīng) is the first minor realms of the Seventh Stage.[13] This is the only known minor realm of the Seventh Stage.

Special Ability: True Illusion

Upon reaching the rank of Spirit Venerable, whenever the cultivator was deep in meditation, just a thought alone could stir the spiritual energy within his body, creating a huge impact on the real world, creating a ‘True Illusion’ that was connected to the real world, but was at the same time detached from it.[14]

True Illusion was similar to an illusion, but a notch more complicated. It was still fake though, since it did not exist in the real world as an actual entity. However, its existence was very real… in the sense that one could reach out their hands to touch all of the things within the True Illusion. They would not feel or seem different from real ordinary items.[14]

List of Known Spirit Venerables

  1. Black Abdomen[15]
  2. Blue Wave[16]
  3. Eternal Fire
  4. Daoist Rotary[17]
  5. Fire Born
  6. Lushan Road
  7. Scholar Drunk Moon
  8. Scholar Contribute Society
  9. Seventh Path
  10. Skylark
  11. Song Shuhang
  12. Spirit Butterfly
  13. Tornado
  14. Uther[15]
  15. White
  16. Xichong[15]


  • †: the character is deceased
  • ‡: the character has broken through to a higher realm.


  1. Spirit Venerable was the fifth cultivation level mentioned in the novel.[18] 
  2. Skylark is the most senior Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable in All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Nine Serenities World, as she already became one before the First Heavenly Way era.
  3. Song Shuhang was the youngest individual to become a Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable in the history of All Heavens and Myriad Realms and Nine Serenities World, at the tender age of 18 years old.[19]
  4. Song Shuhang also didn’t follow the standard path of a Seventh Stage practitioner. He basically skipped all the minor realms of the Seventh Stage.

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