Stewed Horse Meat

Stallion Spirit was tricked that his new concubine was captured and sold to Separated Snow. As he can’t find the trace of his concubine in the immortal chef’s residence, Stallion Spirit attacked Fairy Lady Separated Snow as she was cooking the Ugly Crocodile’s leg. He was beaten up and tied up with a monster-binding rope.[2][3]

While Separated Snow was experimenting with the crocodile leg, she thought of a number of decent recipes, but she didn’t want to directly experiment using the crocodile leg. So, she used the Stallion Spirit to conduct the experiments instead. After several experiments, she found that there was quite a lot of horse meat just lying around, but since it was stallion meat, she didn’t really want to eat it. And so, Separated Snow made it into Stewed Horse Meat, removing the monster qi so that ordinary people would be able to eat it.[2]

Every time Separated Snow cut off a piece of its flesh, she will heal Stallion Spirit back with healing techniques. Now, other than being a little weaker, there aren’t even any scars on his body.[2]

Stallion Spirit finally got his chance to plead his case when Song Shuhang and Sixteen came over to Separated Snow’s residence. He was released with a stern warning that if he was lying, she will turn him into a horse-based feast.[3]

As a thank you gift, Stallion Spirit tried to matchmake Song Shuhang with East Six.[3]

Doudou’s Wedding Ceremony


Stallion Spirit’s was used by Drama King Horse during a gamble with the Second Ruler of the Nine Serenities.

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