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The strange stone tablet or Tyrant Song’s Tombstone (霸宋的墓碑; Bà Sòng de Mùbēi) was refined by White before he became the Way. The stone tablet later on was borrowed by a phoenix from the Beast Realm and placed in the Jar Holy Mountain’s Land of Smelting Trials.[2][3]

Song Shuhang was told by White Two to recover the stone tablet when the former went to the Beast Realm.[2]

Super Academic Tyrant System

Just like the rest of ‘White’ creations, Stone tablet used the Super Academic Tyrant System to learn the current modern language to communicate with Song Shuhang & co.

Tombstone of Song Shuhang

White Two personally wrote these inscriptions on the stone tablet’s body:[4]

Laid to Eternal Rest on 27th November 2019
Erected By Nine Serenities’ White

Later on, Stone Tablet requested that TOMB OF SONG SHUHANG to be changed into TOMB OF TYRANT SONG. It was due to ‘Tyrant Song’ is the more popular name. Moreover, ‘Song Shuhang’ is the real name, therefore should be avoided from being spread wantonly.[5]

Resentment of Big Shots

Stone tablet has accompanied White to resentment big shots.

At first, he thought the ‘big shots’ Sixth Stage True Monarch Song Shuhang like to resentment were of Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable or Eighth Stage Profound Saint ranks at the most. Afterwards, he realised the ‘big shots’ actually of Rulers of the Nine Serenities level or equivalent.

Tomb of Tyrant Song



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