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Shuhang, we also create a system to play!
White to Song Shuhang

Super Academic Tyrant System (超级学霸系统; chāojí xué bà xìtǒng) is a learning system created by White especially for Song Shuhang.[1]

The Super Academic Tyrant System was inspired from Venerable Fireborn’s Divine Beast Training System.[2]


Academic tyrant (学霸; xué bà) is a slang in Chinese referring to a straight-A student or a study bug. The opposite of academic tyrant is academic dregs (学渣; xué zhā).

System refers to the goldfinger systems obtained by many xuanhuan and xianxia’s main character upon transmigration or rebirth.


The Super Academic Tyrant System is a combination of multiple systems, all recommended by Song Shuhang.

Academic Tyrant System


Academic Tyrant System (学霸系统; xué bà xìtǒng) is a system created specially for academic dregs. This system shall allow its user to study even when lying down or while playing around. Even without studying properly, the user’s examination marks should be able to beat anyone else.[1]

Treasure Vase System

Difficulty: ★½

Treasure Vase System (聚宝盆系统; jùbǎo pén xìtǒng) is a money making system.[3]

Martial World Master Training System


Ancient Language System

Difficulty: Unknown



The Academic Tyrant System was completed and given to Song Shuhang on September 2019.[4]

Other Uses

‘White’ creations such as Stone Tablet and the thirty three Unknown Whites used the Super Academic Tyrant System to learn the modern language, enabling them to communicate with Song Shuhang & co.


The Super Academic Tyrant System is one of the ‘Tyrant’ obtained by Song Shuhang.

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