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Battle Kings are the strongest among the younger generation, and somewhat rare to find in the secular world. If a member of a sect they generally will be allowed to leave the sect for extended periods of time.

This stage is notable for its strong mortal body and for being capable of using liquid true qi.

A newly promoted Battle King has twenty times the energy when compared to a Second Stage True Master.[3]

Position in the Cultivation World

Type of Influences Rank / Position
Small influences Patriarch
Medium influences Expert
Major influences High Disciple

Second Promotes Third

Second Promotes Third is the first tribulation a cultivator will face.

Third Stage’s Heavenly Tribulation is mainly primarily pure Thunder Tribulation (雷劫; léi jié), with small chance of Fire Tribulation (火劫; huǒ jié) and other attributes.[4] 

Heavenly Thunder Tribulation

Normally, there are between five to ten waves of Heavenly Thunder during the tribulation, with each wave being stronger and scarier than the previous one.[4]

The number of the waves was different for each practitioner based on the practitioner’s moral behaviour. If the practitioner’s luck was good, the heavenly tribulation would disappear after five waves, and they would advance to the Third Stage Battle King Realm. If the practitioner luck wasn’t good, the practitioner would have to face ten waves.[4]

The number of waves also an indication of a cultivator’s talent. A cultivator with a higher number of waves will be considered as more talented than a cultivator with a lower number of waves.

A 1 in 100 trillion Second Promotes Third Heavenly Tribulation will have more than ten waves of Heavenly Thunder. The eleventh wave was considered as a legend by cultivators due to its rarity.[5]

Heart Demon Tribulation

It’s a common knowledge that there is no Heart Demon Tribulation in the Second to Third Stage Tribulation. However, due to Heavenly Way Departure Countdown, tribulation transcenders will face the dreaded Heart Demon Tribulation.[6]

Cultivation Speed

Time Taken To Breakthrough to Third Stage From Second Stage
Ranking Name Duration Notes References
1 Song Shuhang 2 months Including one month in the Underground Time City

Ruism’s Holy Man

1 year [7]

Ancient Heavenly Court’s Gold Trigram

2 years
10 years This speed was used by the Demons of the Nine Serenities to entice Beast Realm’s cultivators to degenerate into demons.[8]
Genius 20 years To be considered as a genius, a practitioner needs to be promoted to Third Stage Battle King before the age of 30. [9]
Normal 40 years [10]
Slow 80 – 160 years [10]


Third Stage Battle King has four minor realms, each one corresponding to unlocking one the Great Extraordinary Meridians (四奇脉; sì qí mài):

  1. Star Bright Meridian (星辉脉; xīng huī mài)
  2. Moon Yin Meridian (月阴脉; yuè yīn mài)
  3. Yang Flame Meridian (阳炎脉; yáng yán mài)
  4. Void King Meridian (空王脉; kōng wáng mài)

Body of the Battle King

The physical body of a cultivator of the Third Stage Battle King Realm was very powerful. The Body of the Battle King (战王之躯; Zhàn Wáng zhī Qū) was the distinctive trait of cultivators of the Third Stage, and also part of their path of cultivation.

The ‘Body of the Battle King’ referred to the inner part of the body of a practitioner. To be more precise, to the Four Extraordinary Meridians (四奇脉; sì qí mài) that spread everywhere inside the body of a practitioner.[11]

The first meridian, Star Bright Meridian; the second meridian, Moon Yin Meridian; the third meridian, Yang Flame Meridian; the fourth meridian, Void King Meridian. In other words, these four meridians were the full form and manifestation of the Body of the Battle King.[11]

After slowly opening these Four Great Extraordinary Meridians, cultivators of the Third Stage could activate them during their battles to instantaneously receive a big boost in strength. With each meridian opened, the boost in strength would also increase.[11]

After opening all the Four Extraordinary Meridians, practitioners of the Third Stage could display the full strength the Body of the Battle King, attracting the heavenly tribulation and impacting the bottleneck to the Fourth Stage Inborn Realm.[11]


  1. Third Stage Battle King was the third cultivation level mentioned in the novel.[9]
  2. Later Heaven refers to the order of change in the manifest world.

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