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Thirteen Tribulation Immortals are the Holy Man’s most eminent disciples. They were personally taught by the Holy Man of his amazing knowledge.[1]

Each and everyone of them were extremely talented and have the potential to tread their own Ways to be Eternal Life Beings.[2] 

Each of them are honoured as Ruism’s founders and there are statues of them at White Cloud Academy.[1]

Ru Way

Despite all of them were personally taught by the Holy Man himself, only four out of thirteen managed to learn the Ru (儒) Character Copy Version, a variation of the Holy Man’s own Ru (儒) Character.[3]

Before the Great Tribulation of Ruism, more than half members already condensed their own ‘Way’ embryonic form. If the Wilful Heavenly Way abdicated few hundred years later, perhaps during the previous Battle of Imperishable, Holy Man can bring six Eternal Life Beings to beat the world.[4]


They fought against the forces of Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler and majority of them perished. However, it was speculated that some of them survived and have been protecting Ruism in secret.

Bodies of some of them was obtained by the Heavenly Emperor prior of the establishment of the Ancient Heavenly Court. Four of them were exchanged with Ruism for Ancient Heavenly Court fragments in return. Tyrant Song acted as the intermediary for the exchange.[5][6][7][8][9]

It was finally confirmed that four of them survived until the present era. However, they suffered grave injuries and has been spending most of their time recuperating.[2]

Ranking Name Status Notes
1 Daozi Alive Head of Thirteen Tribulation Immortals
2 Wenzi



3 Yanzi



4 Unknown Alive
5 Unknown Alive
6 Unknown Alive
7 Chizi



8 Unknown Alive
9 Unknown Alive
10 Unknown Alive


(玉子; jade)



12 Yuanzi Alive (vegetative)
13 Coloured-Glass Scholar Sealed

Dead Ressurected

Ancient Era

Coloured-Glass Scholar was sealed by Blockhead Song on his own request. After he was unsealed in 2019, he fought against unknown number of Ninth Stage Demons of the Nine Serenities, perishing together with them.

Battle of Ruism

Wenzi, Yanzi, Chizi and Yuzi's bodies were in the Heavenly Emperor’s possession. During Battle of Ruism, they were exchanged with Ruism in return for the Ancient Heavenly Court’s fragments in Ruism’s hand. After obtaining their bodies, Ruism held a grand burial ceremony in the Golden Lotus World for them.

Holy Man's Grand Resurrection Array

Unbeknownst to the current Ruism, Holy Man has prepared a grand resurrection array for Wenzi, Yanzi, Chizi and Yuzi, hidden in Beast Realm. This array was recovered by Ancient Heavenly Court’s remnants and were modified to resurrect the Heavenly Emperor instead. Due to the array's imperfection, Wenzi, Yanzi, Chizi and Yuzi were incompletely resurrected, they used two Eye of Tyrant Song as the phylactery to latch their existence, extending their limited time in the world.[10]

Changing the Fate Against the Heaven

After Daozi successfully became the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way, the first action he took was to resurrect the rest of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.[2]

Transcending the Heavenly Way

After Tyrant Song transcended the Heavenly Way, he recovered a tiny piece of Coloured-Glass Scholar’s scattered soul that Blockhead Song safe guarded and return it to Ruism to be resurrected.


The Thirteen Tribulation Immortals do not understand their little apprentice sister Fairy Good Fortune's expressive language of Song The Dumb, Song The Fool, hēi yo yo much to their regret.

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