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Thirty Three Beasts Assassin Organisation was an offshoot of the Thirty Three Beasts God Sect.

They were hired by the Void Sword School to intercept and prevent Chu Chu from returning to the Chu Aristocratic Family at all cost.[1] Their mission almost successful if not for the last minute intervention by Song Shuhang and White.


Each member of the organisation cultivated a specific chapter of the (incomplete) 《Thirty Three Beasts Inborn Qi Art 》.

Code Name


Wolf 1 Leader
Cow 2
Horse 3
Ape 4
Hawk 6 Weapons Specialist
Sheep 7 Reconnaissance Specialist
Whale 8 Strong Man / Muscle Man
Shark 9
Fox 10 Casanova
Rooster 18
Tiger 22
Snake 23 Strategist
Rabbit 28 Talisman Master

Delaying Chu Chu

They were hired by the Void Sword School to intercept and prevent Chu Chu from returning to the Chu Aristocratic Family at all cost. [1] At the same time, the Thirty Three Beasts Assassin Organisation also coveting the sword art in her hand.[2]

Wolf 1, Ox 2 and Ape 4 managed to corner Chu Chu on a lone island in the East China Sea.[1] However, Chu Chu managed to escape into the sea.[2]

After Chu Chu managed to run into the sea, Wolf 1 updated Whale 8 and Shark 9 of the current situation, and ordered them to gather a few people and go catch her.[2]

En route to the rendezvous point, Fox 10 was stopped by White. Due to his encounter with White, Fox 10 wasn’t able to ‘rescue’ Chu Chu as planned.[3]

Rescue Mission

After Whale 8 and Shark 9 were captured by White, the members that weren’t currently on any mission gathered together upon being summoned by Wolf 1. The members were Wolf 1, Ox 2, Horse 3, Ape 4, Hawk 6. Sheep 7, Fox 10, Rooster 18, Tiger 22, Snake 23 and Rabbit 28.[4]


Four taboos of the Cultivation World: Dao priests, Buddhist monks, women, and children.
Ox 2[4]

At the end of the mission briefing, Wolf 1 ordered Hawk 6 and Rabbit 28 to give the members new equipment. Hawk 6 and Rabbit 28 stood up, taking out two black-coloured leather suitcases.[5]

Hawk 6’s suitcase was rather large. There were anti-tank grenades and all sorts of firearms inside, from ordinary pistols to rifles, assault rifles, and sniper rifles, each comprised of a variety of models. Ordinary firearms were nothing but playthings for powerful cultivators. However, they could gravely injure cultivators of the Second Stage or below.[5]

Rabbit 28 also opened her suitcase. Her suitcase was small and the things inside it looked quite ordinary. There were only two piles of fifty thick cards inside. These cards were low-level talismans, each made of rather rough materials. When activated, these talismans the size of a banknote could offer a protection close to that of the Third Stage rank.[5]

Aside from Sheep 7, the members then each chose two defensive talismans for the mission, together with guns from Hawk 6’s briefcase. [5]

Commencement of the Rescue



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