Three Claw Marks Beast Head Medallion was an organisation established by Altar Master in Jiangyin.


43 years ago, the organisation sacrificed an entire village somewhere in eastern China. Everyone in that village was killed as a blood sacrifice using cruel methods, and there were no survivors. The purpose was to artificially manufacture hatred and create angry ghosts.[1]


Despite its small size and relatively a new organisation, the Three Marks Beast Claw Head Medallion has amassed billions in cash, diamonds, gold, etc. After the death of Altar Master, most of those had been split amongst his underlings. What was left behind was the three millions in cash, temporarily stored at their headquarters as emergency funds.[2] 


The organisation had its headquarters built inside a mountain.


Each member of the organisation carried a beast-headed tile with three claw marks as the identity token.[1]


When Altar Master established the organization, aside from spirit ghosts, the organization were also looking for resentful ghosts, evil ghosts, and so on. After the death of Altar Master, his underlings recklessly undo the seals on the ghosts.[3]

After the ghosts came out of the seal, they killed all the organisation’s underlings. In addition, the ghosts tricked the members that were out carrying missions and made them return, finishing them off as soon as they came back.[3]


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