«Three Hundred Wonderful Ideas For Human To Have A Better Livelihood In The Beast Realm» was the All the World’s Humans Together Become One Family’s secret book. It can be learnt as long as they are human, regardless if they are a member of the alliance or not.[1]

List of Known Ideas

General Diplomacy

The first skill is known as «General Diplomacy», it contains the «Welcoming Technique» , «Eloquence Technique» , «Establishing Diplomatic Relations Technique» , and others.[1]

Dance of Friendship

The second skill is known as «Dance of Friendship», it included more than 10 kinds of dances. There was a passionate one, a gentle and pleasant one, and a vibrant one; there were group dances, and also single dances.[1]

Art had no boundaries, and the meaning of dance rarely differed between races. Even if their language was different and the race was different, at times, with a simple dance, a friendship could be formed.[1]

After years of research, Grandmaster Turtle have found that when there are 30 people performing the three group dances, it will create a spirit gathering formation. This dance allows one to remain in a state of practice, and the benefits it provides to those of the First Stage Realm are fairly decent.[1]

How to Choose the Location for Setting Up A Branch

«How to Choose the Location for Setting Up A Branch» includes geomancy, geodetic surveying, the gathering of spiritual energy, and other architectural considerations.[1]

Skills for Earning a Living

«Skills for Earning a Living» includes domesticating spirit beasts, planting spirit plants, and other things.[1]


Extra details #1

Because of details related to ‘Song Bi ~'s’ personal privacy they will not be disclosed, asks respectfully the understanding

Extra details #2

Due to this part of contents involves massive secrets cultivators under the age of 180 are forbidden to browse them.


Just like anything else related with Blockhead Song, this «Three Hundred Wonderful Ideas For Human To Have A Better Livelihood In The Beast Realm» contains secret that can be noticed only by Song Shuhang.

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